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Honeymoon Cash Jar


For many cultures it is traditional to have a Money Dance during the wedding reception. The idea being that guests would slip some money into a designated money purse or basket in order to happily take the Bride (or Groom) for a twirl on the dance floor. This is a great way to get people dancing and having fun, as well as securing some spending money for your honeymoon getaway. Plus, it gives your guests that special moment to congratulate you as you embark on your new journey of married life. 

If you are not planning on having   a money dance at your recepScrolling Heart Birdcage Card Holdertion, or have other dance numbers in mind (maybe a choreographed dance with your bridesmaids as a last hurrah and to remind your groom how lucky he is), a newer trend with the same thread of thought is the Honeymoon Fund Jar.  While it is titled a jar, it, of course, does not have to be a literal jar. Instead, pick something that coordinates with your wedding theme. If you want to focus on the journey  Mini Suitcase Wishing Well

you are taking, or have a vintage theme wedding, a suitcase styled case could be perfect. If your theme or style alludes to fairy tales or secret gardens, then a wired bird cage or even a large lantern would look lovely. If you are going country chic or just plain playful, then a large jar with a ribbon in your color may be what you are looking for.  No matter what you choose, having a Honeymoon Fund Jar at your wedding is a great idea. Just put it on your sign in table with a cute note telling your guests what it is for.

It may even be a good idea to bring the jar to your Bridal Shower. You could make a game of it by asking your guests to put advice or date ideas in along with a little green (no pressure) or  pass along the jar as people share how they know you or they favorite memory with you.  Either way, having a honeymoon fund jar at your bridal shower and wedding can help you make your honeymoon a little more fun and stress free. 

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Keeping a Safe and Secure Wedding Reception Card Box

A Stylish Wedding Reception Card Box

Wedding Reception Card Box

If you’re preparing for a wedding, you may be thinking about the necessity of a wedding reception card box. A wedding reception card box generally sits near the front of your reception space for the benefit of your guests, often on or near the wedding gift table. Though many brides think of it as an aesthetic and traditional convenience, a wedding reception card box is also a safety concern. While wedding crashers are rare, especially when you’ve taken the necessary precautions to keep them out, a little peace of mind on the night of your wedding is worth a lot. So what steps should you take to be sure that your secure wedding reception card box is as safe as it could be, especially with the gifts and irreplaceable sentiments given to you by your guests nestled within?   Your best bet is to locate your wedding reception card box in a secure spot within your reception venue. Think of keeping it near the back of the space, rather than the front, or in a place frequented by event staff. There’s no reason that your wedding reception card box shouldn’t be both an aesthetic marvel and a safe place for the cards and sentiments of your wedding guests!
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