How to create a simple, yet wedding cake centerpiece?

Even a simple a wedding cake centerpiece made on your own can nicely compliment the main wedding cake. So apply your imagination, grab your basic raw material, some simple accessories. You can purchase them from local craft and hardware stores.
Here are easy steps to come up with a simple, yet wedding cake centerpiece: •    Organize supplies and arrange them for easily accessing and identifying them.
•    Separate the discs for each cake. When they’re stacked in order of large to small, the assembly should well resemble a wedding cake.
•    Next, spread just a thin layer of Spackle along the top and also along edges of each of your disc. Spackle should ideally be smooth.
•    Allow discs to dry before you go ahead.
•    Measure the circumference of each disc used to prepare one cake.
•    Ensure that the ribbon is cut so as to fit around each disc perfectly. You may cover the entire each disc or one particular area.
•    Secure the ribbon carefully on each of the discs by using a pin. Use more than one pin for larger ribbon.
•    Glue the three layers of each cake together and let them dry completely.
•    Place three or more cakes right in the center of each reception table.