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5 Creative Ways to Include Pets At Your Wedding

5 Creative Ways to Include Pets At Your Wedding

Dog in Wedding Ceremony in Pasadena California

  Hey dog and cat lovers! This one is for you! Fluffy has to be in the bridal party! We understand. But how do you include them on your wedding day?

Here are 5 fun ways to incorporate your pet on your big day!

1) Accessorize! There are several dog wedding accessories out there you can purchase. For example, if the groomsmen are wearing bow ties, throw a cute little matching bow on your dog! 2) Having a destination wedding and can't bring your pet? Don't worry! Bring them along to your engagement session shoot. That way they are part of your wedding in a special way without having the trouble to travel with them! 3) Getting pampered for your wedding? Take the cats or dogs to get groomed as well! That way your pet feels part of the wedding and look and feel fresh! 4) Is your pet a regular on your instagram pictures?  Have them be a prop in your photo booth! People will love to pose with him/her and your pooch will feel like a celebrity! If you feel uncomfortable having them around guests, print out a life size cut out of them instead for a prop. 5) Nervous they won't cooperate on the wedding day? Bring them to the rehearsal instead. That way there is no pressure on your pet and they are still part of your wedding!
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