Trending Wedding Colors for 2022

Trending Wedding Colors for 2022

There are numerous decisions you need to make in the lead-up to your big day. One of the most important aspects you need to decide upon is choosing your color and décor pattern. This involves choosing the right flowers, table setting, and much more to match your color theme. 

So, if you’re at the stage of your planning where you need to make these decisions, our detailed list of suggestions will truly help you choose the perfect wedding colors. 

White – All-Time Trendy 

White is said to be the color of the bride. So, why not make it the color of your wedding? From flowers to the entire décor, white can make everything look elegant and classy. 

Make Everything Peachy Peach 

Peach is one of the top wedding colors for 2022. Shades of peach can work wonders when it comes to wedding décor. This color not only makes for an enchanting environment but also adds a calming and romantic feel to your day.

Plan a Pastel Colored Décor 

Pastel colors will never go out of fashion. That’s because they add a calming vibe to the venue. So, if soothing surroundings are what you want on your big day, you should consider these wedding colors. 

Add Blues to Your Day 

Decorating your venue in different shades of blue looks amazing. Especially, if you’re planning on having a beach wedding, blue décor will perfectly complement the coastal landscape. 

Go Fierce 

If you’re a couple who prefers a vibrant theme, why not consider one of the dark and dusky wedding colors for 2022. If you chose this theme, you could mix bright floral décor with black roses for a truly memorable scene. Or opt for brightly colored place settings, there are a lot of options if you decide to go fierce!

Monochrome Décor Adds Class 

There’s nothing more classy than monochrome décor. So, if you want to achieve a serene wedding theme, choosing a single color will do just that. This will also give you the chance to choose numerous shades from a single-color palette. 

It’s ultimately your decision what tone you want to set with your wedding color palette. For example, do you want a classy or calming theme? We hope that all the wedding colors we’ve listed above have helped you in making your decision.