How Do You Start a Herb Garden?

How Do You Start a Herb Garden?

Who could say no to a freshly brewed cup of tea? Or putting the final touches on your favorite delight - fresh herbs on top of your pizza is always a yes! Well, if this thought excites you as much as it excites us, starting a herb garden can be a new experience that you may want to try. Besides, getting delicious and healthy foods while maintaining your body’s calorie count, is ever so luring. However, these are just some of the potential reasons to create a herb garden at your place. 

In the following article, we will go over some tips that will help you cultivate your charming garden, bringing newfound peace and harmony into your life.

Choosing a Location

It’s the first in the list, because finalizing the location is actually the most important aspect when you're growing herbs. So, whatever place you choose, make sure it’s easier to water and get sufficient sunlight for the proper growth. Living in an apartment? Window areas or your balcony can serve as the perfect spot to pot some herbs.

Not Enough Space? Find Containers

If you don't have enough space or a yard to plant a garden in the ground, you can also grow the herbs in small containers. Because they don't require much space for growth, colored ceramic pots, wooden or metal boxes will be perfect for the planting. Keeping your herbs indoors? Then terra cotta pots are the best as they absorb excessive moisture.

Preparing the Soil for the Plantation

Before planting a herb garden, preparing the soil is quite necessary. So, make sure to add plenty of compost to the soil in order to increase its fertility. Furthermore, enhance the texture, keeping in mind the type of herbs you want to grow. Last but not least, remember to run a soil check test before starting with the whole planting process. 

Selecting the Herbs

There is a long list to choose from. All you need to do is determine what kind of herbs you want in your garden. I.e., mint, chives, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, etc. To do this, check their benefits and match them with your needs. This way, it’ll become easier to shortlist a few. 

Planting the Herbs

You can start this garden both by plants and seeds. However, it's better to plant the herbs than to begin a garden with seeds. The primary reason behind this would be, it’ll require less time to grow. Research which plants can develop roots once potted. To ensure that the stems will be rooted, keep them in a glass of water on a sunlit window. After a while, you will notice signs of growth and the first roots. Rosemary is a great example of this. Don't forget to add herb garden markers to keep track of who is who!

Watering the Garden and Utilizing Fertilizers

Continuous care of such a garden is responsible for maintaining the quality of the seedlings. That is why watering them properly will be of the essence. In addition to this, add natural fertilizers to speed up the growth and keep an eye on bug infestation or damage. 

We hope that the above tips will help you start your own herb garden with your favorite species. Let us know how it goes!