Should We Do a Sparkler Exit?

Should We Do a Sparkler Exit?

The departure of the newlyweds from their wedding venue, signals the beginning of their life together. So, the exit needs to be both remarkable and magnificent. The moment the couple leave the church should be as grand as their entry to the venue. Sparklers are a classy and elegant way to celebrate a happy couple. Here are a few reasons why a sparkler exit makes for the perfect send-off. 

No Mess

The downside of confetti, rice, petals, or streamers is the mess they create. They may look beautiful but there’s a lot of clean-up afterwards. Also, the little grains of rice or confetti pieces may get stuck in the bride’s hair or dress, and that’s not a good look. A sparkler wedding exit perfectly complements a radiant wedding reception without any mess.

Perfect for All Seasons

A sparkler exit is perfect in any season. Whether you are celebrating a summer wedding or a winter one, sparklers will light up your big day. Unlike confetti, which may not turn out as planned during rainy weather, sparklers never disappoint. 

They are Long-lasting

The path the couple takes from the church to their car may take a few minutes. So, you need something that will last the entire time. Good-quality sparklers can stay lit for up to 3-4 minutes which is more than enough time for the couple to complete their departure and get some breathtaking pictures.

Can Brighten Up Your Daytime Wedding

That’s right! You can have a sparkler wedding exit during the day too. It looks as gorgeous as it does at night. Get some good-quality sparklers that burn brighter, and they will add to the beauty of your day.

Ready to light up your big day with an amazing sparkler exit? Keep these tips in mind to ensure a memorable exit for your guests. Have a look at our collection of the best wedding sparklers for capping off your big day magnificently.