How Do You Do a Wedding Sparkler Exit?

How Do You Do a Wedding Sparkler Exit?

Capping off the reception with a timeless send-off is a memorable way to end your big day. Showering the bride and groom with rice or birdfeed remains an important part of traditional weddings. However many modern couples are now replacing these with sparklers. Planning and executing the picture-perfect wedding sparkler exit is not as tricky as you might have thought.

Here are some effective tips to ensure your exit is sensational.

Get the Right Sparklers

Finding the right sparklers to complement your wedding can be challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. So, write down your plan on paper and examine your wedding theme, venue, time, and send-off details. This plan will help you look for the right ones. A few things you must consider when purchasing sparklers are there:

  • Size
  • Brightness
  • Burning time

Choose a Flat Walking Surface

Make sure your way from the church to your car is on a smooth and flat surface. Since the guests will have a burning object in their hands, they need to be able to stand comfortably. Also, the couple must have enough space to walk through the sparkling tunnel formed by guests on both sides.

Light the Sparklers at the Right Time

A common problem people encounter at sparkler wedding exits is not knowing when to light them. Thus, make sure to coordinate well with your guests and ask them to take their positions before you appear at the gate. Plus, they must light up the sparklers simultaneously and hold them correctly in their hands.

Ensure the Photographer is Ready

Do not forget to involve your photographer in the plan. Make sure they are ready to capture your wedding sparkler exit. That way you are sure to get a spectacular photo of the radiant environment created by the shiny sparklers.

Do Not Forget the Safety Guidelines

Safety should be your top priority. Although sparklers are safe to use at weddings, you still need to observe some precautions. For example:

  • Keep children away from the farewell line.
  • Ensure there’s a safe distance between the guests and the sparklers.
  • Leave enough room for the couple to walk through.

So, are you ready for a splendid wedding sparkler exit? Just keep these simple tips in mind to ensure an elegant event. Also, take a look at our collection of wedding sparklers to lighten up your nuptials.