Giving Candle Wedding Favors

Elegant Candle Wedding Favors

Candle Wedding Favors

  Selecting appropriate wedding favors can be a difficult, especially if you’re trying to select something both elegant and useful. If you want something that will slip seamlessly into your guests’ decor and is both beautiful and memorable, look no further than candle wedding favors. Color scheme and theme are no longer obstacles when you opt for candle wedding favors, because their elegant simplicity matches all surroundings.
Guests won’t forget their candle wedding favors on their way out for the night! And it isn’t a problem if a group finds themselves with several candle wedding favors. Unlike other gifts (“What do we do with four knitted toaster coazies?!”), candle wedding favors aren’t a burden in abundance (and they won’t put a strain on your wallet, either). Add a personal touch by thinking outside of the molded tea light - try candle wedding favors in lanterns, with flowers, and even shaped into unexpected objects (think apples, seashells).
Candle wedding favors also include fun holders for candles your guests already have at home (though it’s always a good idea to include a candle with your gift so everyone knows what it’s for). The addition of candle wedding favors to their mantle will have them thinking of you for years to come.