Respect and Remembrance: A Memorial Candle

The Memorial Candle: A Subtle Tribute

Memorial Candle

A wedding is a time of joy and celebration for a family, but those times can sometimes be marked by sadness at the loss of someone close. A bride and groom don’t want to undermine the happiness of the day with excessive grieving (after all, a wedding is a celebration of life and love), but remembering a lost friend or family member is often just as important. A memorial candle is a subtle tribute of remembrance that acknowledges and respects a loss without altering the celebrations of the day.   A memorial candle is easy to integrate into any of the day’s proceedings; it’s all about how the couple wishes to proceed. Often, the memorial candle will have a special place at the ceremony, either at the entrance to the ceremony space or at the altar. A memorial candle might also find a place of honor at the reception venue.   A memorial candle isn’t the only way a couple can give homage to a lost friend or family member – many choose to incorporate a memorial vase of the deceased’s favorite blooms or they might play a favorite song during the reception. Some even add the deceased’s name to the wedding program and may ask for a moment of silent prayer during the ceremony - in addition to a symbol such as the memorial candle. A memorial candle isn’t a necessity for respect and remembrance: those lost are always in our hearts during our times of great love and joy.