Creative Ideas for Foodie Wedding Favors

You’ll Love Foodie Wedding Favors


Foodie Wedding Favors

  You and your guests know that the best wedding favors are the ones you can eat, and this arrangement also guarantees that guests won’t leave behind any excess when the night concludes. If they do, foodie wedding favors are much easier to pawn off on family members (or keep to yourself!). A selection of foodie wedding favors don’t have to be chocolates, almonds, or otherwise (though no one will complain with that selection, I’m sure!). Foodie wedding favors extend to any homemade goods, including jams, honeys, cookies, specialized foods unique to your culture, or anything else you want to share with your friends and family come wedding day. Many couples choose a selection of candies with specialized boxes or bags as their foodie wedding favors. There are very few ways to go wrong! Many couples who choose foodie wedding favors opt for a do-it-yourself style set-up, where guests choose from a selection of favors and box them themselves. This arrangement guarantees that no one has more than they want, no packaging is wasted, and every selection of foodie wedding favors is customized. Many foodie wedding favors selections are accompanied by beautiful packaging, often coordinated with the color scheme and décor of the day. It’s an easy way to guarantee that your foodie wedding favors fit right in to your big day!