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A Jazz Age Affair: Great Gatsby Inspired

A Jazz Age Affair: Great Gatsby Inspired

With a new Gatsby film hitting theaters all across the country today, it’s no wonder so many couples are drawn to the glamour and romance of this story for their weddings, as the hype behind the film has been building for months. Though the end message of the book is less than idealistically romantic, the aesthetic of the setting and the passionate hope and love exhibited by Gatsby himself is no less than perfect for any wedding day. So what wedding accessories can you add for a perfect Gatsby-themed wedding event? Consider:   Stunning Jewelry
Though you might not have the budget to hang diamonds from every extremity, you can still use the extravagant style of the Jazz Age as you walk down the aisle. Consider thick jeweled and beaded bracelets and collar necklaces, and substitute a traditional veil with a birdcage or a jeweled flapper headband, as the film’s own Daisy Buchanan wears so frequently. Avoid loud colors entirely and stick with the shine of diamond-like gems, even if you won’t be springing for actual diamonds. Distribute sparklers to your guests for added shine!

Extravagant Cocktails
Nothing says “Gatsby party” like a glass of champagne in each hand as you’re out on the dance floor. Style your libations after the drinks most often found at Gatsby’s legendary parties by stacking champagne glasses into a tower and putting on a show by pouring the bubbly down a cascading pyramid of crystal. For added flair, litter trays and tables with glass gems. Again, no one blames you for eschewing actual diamonds. Another Gatsby favorite is the mint julep, though it is better suited to a lunch or late morning party. The mint julep is the height of leisure and is sure to impress your thirsty guests. Add a generous sprig of fresh mint and enjoy!   The Era and Text Specifics
The small additions you make to your décor are the ones that really count toward a perfectly-executed Roaring Twenties affair. With a text steeped in images of breezy white curtains and dresses and gray three-piece suits, leisure and extravagance are your stylistic focus for a truly “Gatsby” party. Rent overstuffed day couches for a small peripheral lounge, and stick long, dripping black and white feathers in centerpieces. If you want to find details that specifically address moments from the text itself, consider finding space for gold wire spectacle frames, colorful silk shirts for the groomsmen, and finding room for a small green light at the end of the aisle.

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