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Why Wedding Emergency Kits are a Necessity

Pros and Cons of Buying a Wedding Emergency Kit or Making One

Minimergency Kit for Bridesmaids - Champagne Glitter Whether you buy a pre-made kit or create your own, a wedding emergency kit is definitely a must have for the wedding day. If you are putting together your own, you will need to have a worst-case-scenario session in which you make a list of all of the emergency items you will need. This could end up inducing stress and will also most likely lead to leaving out a lot of essentials. Buying an Wedding Emergency Kit can end up being more convenient, will ease the stress of that worst case scenario, and could end up leading to some fun! I guess a con could be that it would be less customizable to you and your particular concerns, but you can often find kits specific to your role in the wedding (ie. bride, groom, bridesmaid, mother, etc) and can at the very least be a great place to start. Plus, they are really really cute!

Some examples of Wedding Emergency Kits Wedding Collectibles Has in Stock Minimergency Kit for Brides Miniemrgencry Kit for Brides is, first off, adorable and secondly -though probably more importantly- is extremely useful. It contains a large variety of must haves including: hairspray, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, emery board, earring backs, clear elastics, sewing kit, double-sided tape, stain remover, deodorant towelette, pain reliever, tampon, breath freshener, dental floss, adhesive bandages, facial tissue, blotting tissues, bobby pins, antacid, and extra wedding bands. Some of these items, such as the earring backs and extra wedding bands are simply genius as they are not commonly on the list of emergency items, but most definitely should be! There are Miniemergency Kits for bridesmaids as well and these can work as great bridesmaid gifts! Hemergency Survival Kit   Next on the list of wonderful wedding emergency kits is the Hemergency Survival Kit.This is great for any forgetful groom or groomsmen, because let's face it, men will worry less and thus be less prepared for that shiny forehead, bad breath, or broken razor! Like the miniemergency kit, this kit has over 20 items specifically selected to prepare for wedding day mishaps. What was that scout's motto? Always be prepared!  

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How to Choose Your Wedding Party

How to Choose Your Wedding Party Wedding Collectibles Who Makes up the Wedding Party? When trying to figure out who is in the wedding party, you have to navigate first what cultural or religious traditions you wish to uphold. For example, for many christian weddings a candle lighter will light candles at the wedding alter before the mother of the bride is seated. If you decided to include this tradition as part of the ceremony, the candle lighter (usually a pre-teen; ages 10-13) is a member of the wedding party. Or in a Jewish wedding you may have Huppah carriers, and they would be considered a part of the wedding party, or since in many Jewish weddings it is not traditional to have an official wedding party, then they would be a part of the Shushavim (those close to the bride or groom that help with the wedding - for more information see Attendants: A Glossary of Who's Who in the Wedding Party). For a more basic wedding party, the members will include: The mother and father of the bride,mother and father of the groom,maid of honor,best man,bridesmaids, the groomsmen, junior bridesmaids/groomsmen, pages/train bearers, the flower girl, the ring bearer, and ushers. Overwhelmed? Don't Be! SO Whose Who?
  • Mother and Father of the bride and groom: Don't sweat it, this one is decided for you! However, if your parents are divorced and remarried you can feel free to include their new spouses and if you were raised by your grandparents or another relative, they would stand in here. It is up to you!
  • Maid-of-Honor: The maid-of-honor is exactly how the movies portray her. This is your bestest and closest girlfriend or sister. She has been by your side through the thick and thin, perhaps is the friend you grew up with or the one that makes you feel like she has always been there. She is the sister you compete with, but when the bomb drops she is there picking you up and planning revenge on whoever dropped that bomb! If your she is actually a he, that works to. The maid of honor is also considered and called the honor attendant or the best person. Using one of these titles allows for any gender to be the bestie you have at your side throughout all the wedding planning. 
  • Best Man: The best man is basically the male version of the maid of honor. He is the brother or the guy you consider a brother. Or just like the maid of honor, he could be a she and would then be that best person or honor attendant.
  • Bridesmaids: These are your best gals. The ones you trust to be a support and help through the wedding. They will be the ones that help you address invitations, navigate through the florist crisis, and plan that wild bachelorette party. You can consider the maid of honor as the CEO of the bridesmaids.
  • Groomsmen: Again, groomsmen are like the male version of the bridesmaid. Their most obvious task is to plan that bachelor's party, but they also have the task of keeping the bride from murdering the groom before the wedding; ie. making sure the groom isn't late, doesn't miss appointments to pick out ribbon colors, and isn't hung over during the ceremony.
  • Junior Bridesmaids/Groomsmen: These are your bridesmaids and groomsmen that are on the younger side (Aged 10-17). Junior meaning quite literally junior. They can match the bridesmaids and groomsmen or you can dress them in a younger and more modest look that still coordinates with the rest of the party. 
  • Pages or better known as Train Bearers: These are the cute kids (age 6-9) you have that walk with you down the aisle carrying your dress train. If you don't have a train, or do not need someone to carry it for you, then you will not need a page. 
  • Flower Girl: You can have 1-2 flower girls (Age 5-9). Some will just walk the aisle with a bouquet, or if you want they can carry baskets with flower petals and scatter the petals as they walk. Either way, they help make your grand entrance, so just remember that the younger the flower girl, the less control you have over her choice to or to not eat the flower petals. 
  • Ring Bearer: The ring bearer will carry the ring down the aisle and hold it for the groom. This can be a young boy (age 5-9), but like the flower girl, you want to be careful he won't decide to eat the rings. Another option for this is to have the honor attendants carry the rings. 
  • Ushers: If you have a large guest list, you may include ushers. These will be those who you have help guide the guests to their seats. Groomsmen

How Many Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Should I have? We would suggest having no more than six for each group, making a total of twelve, but even that may be too big. Try trimming it down to three or four each. Perhaps have your two honor attendants, and then six bridesmaids and groomsmen total.  What about my cousin and my brother's girlfriend and my brother's girlfriend's sister? STOP. Only choose bridesmaids and wedding party members based on their relationship to you and your groom. If you have best friends that fill the list for potential bridesmaids, you don't even have to ask your sister. Granted, you may want to sit her down and let her know, but it is not a requirement. Only ask those who will be able to support and help you through the wedding and who you have a close relationship with. Many people even consider bridesmaids to be a role specific to friends of the bride and that a sisters role is simply sister of the bride.  

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Wedding Party Kid Gifts for all Ages and Budgets

Selecting the Right Wedding Party Kid Gifts

Wedding Party Kid Gifts

Not every wedding party is made up of adults, or even teens for that matter. Children are so often a part of the wedding party that couples have begun setting aside special gifts for the little additions to their special day. While bridesmaids and groomsmen will be excited to receive custom jewelry, monogrammed wallets, or iPhone cases that match the wedding colors, the kids of your wedding party will be less inclined. Surprise the ring bearer or flower girl with wedding party kid gifts. Wedding party kid gifts range from coloring books to less expensive jewelry, depending on the age of the children, but it’s always good to think ahead. Many professionals believe that wedding party kid gifts that allow the children to remain entertained throughout the duration of the reception are the wisest. I tend to agree. Whatever you do, your wedding party kid gifts should help the littlest members of your wedding party feel included and valued.   Some brides opt for wedding party kid gifts that include the ring bearer or flower girl in the rest of the line of gift giving, but to a lesser degree. Instead of a piece of expensive jewelry for the flower girl, a comparable bracelet made of a more durable material is favored. Wedding party kid gifts don’t have to be cheap or disposable. Many couples favor growth wall charts, jewelry boxes, backpacks, or even game packs as wedding party kid gifts.

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A Jazz Age Affair: Great Gatsby Inspired

With a new Gatsby film hitting theaters all across the country today, it’s no wonder so many couples are drawn to the glamour and romance of this story for their weddings, as the hype behind the film has been building for months. Though the end message of the book is less than idealistically romantic, the aesthetic of the setting and the passionate hope and love exhibited by Gatsby himself is no less than perfect for any wedding day. So what wedding accessories can you add for a perfect Gatsby-themed wedding event? Consider:   Stunning Jewelry
Though you might not have the budget to hang diamonds from every extremity, you can still use the extravagant style of the Jazz Age as you walk down the aisle. Consider thick jeweled and beaded bracelets and collar necklaces, and substitute a traditional veil with a birdcage or a jeweled flapper headband, as the film’s own Daisy Buchanan wears so frequently. Avoid loud colors entirely and stick with the shine of diamond-like gems, even if you won’t be springing for actual diamonds. Distribute sparklers to your guests for added shine!

Extravagant Cocktails
Nothing says “Gatsby party” like a glass of champagne in each hand as you’re out on the dance floor. Style your libations after the drinks most often found at Gatsby’s legendary parties by stacking champagne glasses into a tower and putting on a show by pouring the bubbly down a cascading pyramid of crystal. For added flair, litter trays and tables with glass gems. Again, no one blames you for eschewing actual diamonds. Another Gatsby favorite is the mint julep, though it is better suited to a lunch or late morning party. The mint julep is the height of leisure and is sure to impress your thirsty guests. Add a generous sprig of fresh mint and enjoy!   The Era and Text Specifics
The small additions you make to your décor are the ones that really count toward a perfectly-executed Roaring Twenties affair. With a text steeped in images of breezy white curtains and dresses and gray three-piece suits, leisure and extravagance are your stylistic focus for a truly “Gatsby” party. Rent overstuffed day couches for a small peripheral lounge, and stick long, dripping black and white feathers in centerpieces. If you want to find details that specifically address moments from the text itself, consider finding space for gold wire spectacle frames, colorful silk shirts for the groomsmen, and finding room for a small green light at the end of the aisle.

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Wedding Party Gifts: Personalized iPhone Case

Gifting a Personalized iPhone Case

Personalized iPhone Case

Looking for a good wedding party gift for everyone involved in the production that is your wedding? A personalized iPhone case fits the bill, and is a personal, stylish gift that anyone (with a smartphone) can use and appreciate. A personalized iPhone case allows your treasured friends and family to personalize their mobile devices and think of you and your wedding every time they answer the phone or Google a sushi joint. This isn’t a gift exclusively for your bridesmaids; your future mother in-law, your groomsmen, and even your to-be will love a personalized iPhone case. Be sure you know their color and style preferences before you pick one up, but it’s hard to go wrong with a personalized iPhone case.   A personalized iPhone case will sometimes also come with matching cases for the other mobile devices in your life, such as your iPod and iPad. When you purchase a personalized iPhone case for the special people in your wedding party, you may find that you can’t resist ordering one for yourself!   The colors and styles a personalized iPhone case comes in is vast and varied. There’s something for everyone!
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Andres and Andrea’s Wedding Ceremony!

Andres and Andrea could not have asked for a grander or more beautiful venue for their wedding vows, as the St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Catholic Church provided a stunning backdrop for the couple’s personal and emotional ceremony. Draped in rich browns, deep purples, and ethereal whites, the colorful complexity of the church was ideal for the simple décor: white bunches of baby’s breath tied with silky pink ribbons on the ends of each of the pews. The use of beautiful spring blooms throughout the rest of the ceremony, highlighted in the attendants flower crowns and the bride’s colorful bouquet, was very suited to the season. By integrating berries and greenery into her bouquet and the boutonnieres of the groom and groomsmen, the bride gave guests the impression that she had just picked and arranged the flowers herself. The bride was stunning and gorgeous as she approached her future husband with her father to a soft, sung rendition of “Pie Jesu.” The guests had been treated to equally powerful and beautiful organ music as they filed in to the pews before the ceremony, and the musical mood was maintained through the recessional. The delicate white fabric of Andrea’s dress bunched at the hip and wrapped daintily to the side, begging the same whimsical feeling as the blooms dapped delicately throughout the pews and halls of the church. The bilingual (English/Spanish) ceremony itself was steeped in an abundance love and genuine familial affection, and was led by an officiant with whom both the bride and groom had a deep personal relationship that had been forged during their time in college. The full Catholic mass was glued together with lessons of love and gratitude, and a special tribute to the parents of the couple. The ceremony concluded with a unity candle lighting and communion taken by both the couple and their guests. Guests waved Andres and Andrea off as they boarded a beautifully decorated classic car and rode off into the hills for the reception.   Next Time: Andres and Andrea’s Spectacular Wedding Reception!
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Thoughts about Wedding Party Gifts

A wedding party will vary in size and composition depending on a couple’s preferences, but one thing doesn't change: they deserve a thank-you. For most brides, the bridal party is an important support system during the planning process, attending fittings and tastings, holding your hand as you try to hold on to your self esteem and sanity, and standing up for you on your big day. They are there for you as you take your vows and pledge the rest of your life to your partner. I think that deserves some bath wash. So who counts as the wedding party? Certainly your bridesmaids and your maid of honor, but also your groomsmen and best man. Don’t forget about junior bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers, and parents, too. You aren’t breaking any major etiquette rules if you get something for your usher but not your flower girl, but thank-yous are always appreciated, even if they’re only a bath kit or a coloring book.   So, here are some ideas for bridal party gifts: Groomsmen: Think practical. Muted colors; leather, silver. Engraved flasks, personalized cuff links, martini glass set Bridesmaids: Something that they can wear during the ceremony; wedding keepsakes. A spa morning, matching earrings, clutches Mother: Wedding keepsakes Handkerchief (for the ceremony); wedding antiques; matching earrings Father: Similar to groomsmen gifts counterbalance wine holder, money clip Flower Girl: Try to include the flower girl with bridesmaid gifts. If she’s too young, less expensive jewelry for the ceremony. Ring Bearer: Something to keep his hands busy and his mind active. Backpack with small games and toys; crayons and coloring books
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Groomsmen Gifts Offer a Manly Touch of Gratitude

Say it Manly with Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen Gifts

It's not just the bride and her team that pull together the big day; groomsmen play just as big a role in the celebrations. Groomsmen organize the bachelor party, act as moral support through the planning process, and most of all - they stand up for the groom as he marries his bride. Show your appreciation for their support by offering them male versions of bridesmaid gifts: groomsmen gifts! Unfortunately, buying groomsmen gifts isn't as simple as stamping his name on a necklace or treating him to a spa day. How do you find groomsmen gifts that are the right balance of appreciation and masculinity? There are three go-to tips for finding the right groomsmen gifts: make sure he can wear it, drink with it, or grill with it. Groomsmen gifts are all the more appreciated when they're useful. Grilling tools never go unappreciated, and neither do beer mugs. For the fancier class of groomsmen gifts, consider cuff links, pocket watches, or flasks cased in leather. If it shines, holds beer, or is made out of the skin of an animal, chances are good that your groomsmen will never forget your groomsmen gifts.
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Why Wedding Emergency Kits?

Why should you consider wedding emergency kits?

Eliminate stress on your wedding day with wedding emergency kits

There are so many big problems that can come up during a wedding - An hour-late officiant, drunken groomsmen, an MIA groom - that brides don’t usually think twice about the little stuff. What should you do if a bridesmaid loses the back to an (very noticeable) earring? If your mascara doesn’t stand up to your tears? If your mother’s dress pops a seam? Who would think twice to bring supplies for any of those things on one of the most hectic mornings of their lives? The answer to your woes are wedding emergency kits. Wedding emergency kits are a must-have for any self-respecting bride and her bridesmaids; they’re packed full of goodies for every possible malfunction (except maybe the missing groom) on your wedding day. Wedding emergency kits don’t have to be bulky or ugly either; many come in a variety of colors and are small enough to slip in to a modest handbag (or replace one entirely as a sensible clutch). If you’re worried about someone leaving their kit in the car as they frantically try to pin your up-do with too few bobby pins, think about keeping spare wedding emergency kits in your bridal suite. Wedding emergency kits also make for a good gift for family at the rehearsal dinner. The mother of the groom might not be as worried about matching hair ties in wedding emergency kits, but she’ll appreciate the tissues for the first kiss and the antacid for the spicy appetizers. Wedding emergency kits eliminate some of the stress you’ll feel the night before you wed, and hopefully they’ll keep you from shooting out from under your covers in the middle of the night, screaming: “The breath mints! Who has the breath mints?!?”
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How can your vision of dream wedding become a reality?

The wedding day is approaching near. No surprise that the preparations to make your celebrations perfect are in full swing. You have selected the gorgeous groomsmen’s tuxedos, and have also settled on the beautiful bridesmaids’ gowns. But wedding shopping is much more than that… It will take months for you to move from one shop to another, looking for different accessories required during and even after the celebrations. So how can you simplify the task? Approaching a competent Web-based Wedding collectibles platform will do the trick for you. Quick delivery and follow-up service make up for a real user-friendly Wedding collectibles resource online. Here you can get exquisite and high quality assortment of shirts, comprising hoodies, tank tops, long-sleeved tees, t-shirts etc. These along with other accessories are indeed a great way of spicing up that special bridal party, shower, or, for that matter, every gathering that forms part of your pre- or post-wedding ceremony. This is your opportunity to translate your vision of dream wedding into a reality, all just at the click of a button. Importantly, depending on the theme of your wedding celebration, you can get everything customized so that it perfectly jells with the spirit and mood of the occasion. What makes each piece produced truly unique is the fact that it’s made with extra attention to each minute detail under expert observation.
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Is there a gift idea that will hold a special place in the personal collection for years to come?

In the following paragraphs, we shall acquaint you with a great idea that can serve as a perfect Groomsmen Gift or as a wonderful wedding day collectible. If fine finishing and comfort of usage is a combination that you are looking for, we suggest you go for a bewildering black accessory case. There can be no better way than this for giving some of those precious treasures a home for years to come. What makes this accessory case exciting is its make. It has four spacious compartments along with a padded pillow that will carry all small albeit special valuables, bracelets and watches. This lovely accessory is fashioned in a beautiful black snakeskin exterior, which is further enhanced thanks to embossing it carries. The charming case features a captivating clear glass lid plus fabulous tan suede finished interior lining. All these features make it a sleek accessory for the most wonderful occasion in one’s life! This is a fantastic accessory and sure will acquire status as a collectible for one receiving it! Your gift will become a permanent memory for the person and it will continue to hold a special place in the personal collection such is its appeal and aura.
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How to make the wedding ceremony a memorable one for all those present?

Do not feel constrained by those peculiar ideas of how the groomsmen gifts or other picks for the guests present should be like. There is no dearth of innovative ideas. A wider range of choice from exciting pocket watches, fabulous flasks, charming cuff links, beautiful business card holders and much more is now there to choose from for the occasion! And we are sure that you too will have a few creative concepts in mind that you want to build upon on the wedding day by seeking help of experts. Of course, to implement your ideas what you need is a comprehensive wedding collectibles resource. Thankfully, you have already arrived at the right resource. We recommend to you that you go through the different categories of wedding day categories classified according to their relevance. Most of them are well within your budget. It’s a versatile online platform that will allow you to enjoy the process of searching for wedding accessories to add to the true joy of the occasion. You can make a statement by personalizing these groomsman gifts and make them exclusive by adding names, initials, or dates to convey your feelings to your best friend. We shall be discussing a few usable as well a good looking gift that perfectly jell with the mood of the wedding day. You can employ your creativity to customize your offering. This exactly is how you can give a special touch to your wedding day gift.
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