Why Wedding Emergency Kits?

Why should you consider wedding emergency kits?

Eliminate stress on your wedding day with wedding emergency kits

There are so many big problems that can come up during a wedding - An hour-late officiant, drunken groomsmen, an MIA groom - that brides don’t usually think twice about the little stuff. What should you do if a bridesmaid loses the back to an (very noticeable) earring? If your mascara doesn’t stand up to your tears? If your mother’s dress pops a seam? Who would think twice to bring supplies for any of those things on one of the most hectic mornings of their lives? The answer to your woes are wedding emergency kits. Wedding emergency kits are a must-have for any self-respecting bride and her bridesmaids; they’re packed full of goodies for every possible malfunction (except maybe the missing groom) on your wedding day. Wedding emergency kits don’t have to be bulky or ugly either; many come in a variety of colors and are small enough to slip in to a modest handbag (or replace one entirely as a sensible clutch). If you’re worried about someone leaving their kit in the car as they frantically try to pin your up-do with too few bobby pins, think about keeping spare wedding emergency kits in your bridal suite. Wedding emergency kits also make for a good gift for family at the rehearsal dinner. The mother of the groom might not be as worried about matching hair ties in wedding emergency kits, but she’ll appreciate the tissues for the first kiss and the antacid for the spicy appetizers. Wedding emergency kits eliminate some of the stress you’ll feel the night before you wed, and hopefully they’ll keep you from shooting out from under your covers in the middle of the night, screaming: “The breath mints! Who has the breath mints?!?”