Trends in Personalized Cake Toppers

Personalized Cake Toppers

No longer just a monogram - personalized cake toppers

Traditionally, monograms have been the way to personalize a cake topper on your wedding day. Now your options are expanding and “personalized cake toppers” means more than it ever did before. How you use personalized cake toppers will depend on the look and feel you want for your wedding, but it’s very unlikely that you will be limited in your options. Here are a few new trends in personalized cake toppers:   Photo personalized cake toppers: Instead of framing your names on top of your cake, consider photo personalized cake toppers. You can use a photo (or photos if the frame is viewable from all angles) from your engagement, a candid snapshot, or even a Polaroid from the ceremony taken just moments before. Photo personalized cake toppers are about as personal as it gets.   Phrase personalized cake toppers: Find the perfect words (a meaningful phrase from your relationship or words from your vows) to top your cake with phrase personalized cake toppers. Even a simple “I love you” resonates when centered in your reception space.   Figurine personalized cake toppers: Instead of opting for a bride and groom who look sort of like you if you squint and stand back, why not splurge on personalized cake toppers that were made in your image? They’re always a hit with guests and, with personalized cake toppers, you’ll always carry a piece of art made just for you.