The Sweet Image of Bird Cake Toppers

Enjoy the Versatility of Bird Cake Toppers

Bird Cake Toppers

The image of the “love birds” is a prominent one in the world of weddings and the lore of love and affection, and for good reason. These delicate critters are light, joyful, oft mysterious, and look pretty fabulous on top of a cake. Bird cake toppers are as versatile and varied as the class itself. They’re the lovers of the sky, and the image of pairs of birds nestled together in fond embrace is one that many couples would like to mirror on top of their wedding cakes. Bird cake toppers range from the cartoony to the elegant, but the feelings is always the same: one of everlasting commitment to each other and the zest for life. Birds are creatures full of life, and bird cake toppers parrot that idea in their form and aesthetic.   Consider bird cake toppers for not only their aesthetic value and symbolism, but also their staying power. Bird cake toppers don’t ever look cheesy or out-of-place as home décor or as a beautiful addition to any other part of your wedding day – not just atop a cake. If you choose to forego the pastry, consider heading your sweetheart table with bird cake toppers, or even near your menu or seating chart. Bird cake toppers never go out of style and always look loving and relevant.