What Are Some Unique Wedding Favors?

What Are Some Unique Wedding Favors?

Trust us, after hosting your most important day, it will be hard to think your wedding is actually over, and your guests probably feel the same way. That being said, why not send them off with unique wedding favors to remember your iconic celebration?

To inspire you, here are ten creative wedding favor ideas!

  1. Pressed Flowers

Create a one-of-a-kind place card and wedding favor by writing your guests' names and seating assignments in calligraphy onto framed pressed flowers.

  1. Vintage Candles

While on the topic of unique wedding favors, you can always hand out jarred candles in earthy scents like moss, vetiver, and rose – ideal touches for a rustic affair!

  1. Mugs

Organizing a party with a camp theme? Tin mugs with your and your spouse's names make adorable and remarkable gifts.

  1. Container Openers

It's likely that your guests will open bottles regularly, so each time they do so, they'll remember your wedding!

  1. Temporary body art

What qualities distinguish a superb photo booth photo? The faces of the newlyweds inked on your closest buddies! Even if they’re temporary, they’re bound to leave a lasting memory!

  1. Fans

During summer celebrations, those vibrant, handmade fans keep guests cool and make the ideal wedding favors.

  1. Vases

Are you trying to find a quick method to use your wedding flowers again? Ask a designated individual to disassemble centerpieces and flowers and put them in glass bottles toward the end of the event. It's a terrific way to ensure attendees take home a tangible memory of the big event and that those expensive flowers won't be wasted.

  1. Tiny succulents

This is one of the most exceptional wedding favor ideas! Succulents and cacti in pots are ideal takeaways. Staked tags can be inserted to turn them into active place cards.

  1. Custom Stickers or Portraits

Genius right? Make some stickers with your happy smiles on them – they will be unexpected and outstanding wedding favors!

  1. Tiny blankets

Another adorable wedding favor! They will keep your loved ones warm at the ceremony or reception and look lovely on their couches at home.

Wedding favors are a phenomenon, and in our opinion, they can be a major asset to your magical day. We hope these cute favors ideas will persuade you to incorporate them into your wedding preparation!