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Preparing for Pet Wedding Outfits

Get Ready for Pet Wedding Outfits

Pet Wedding Outfits

More and more couples are opting to include their furry friends into their big day. Even if you don’t think your pet would make the best ring bearer, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your favorite pet wedding outfits into the general wedding festivities. You can dress your pet (be it dog or cat) into some fancy pet wedding outfits and take your invitation, save-the-date, or engagement photos in a spot that reflects your identity as a family, or stay at home for a comfortable homey photo shoot. Pet wedding outfits work indoor and out, but if you’re dressing up a feline or a particularly skittish puppy, it’s best not to introduce too many unfamiliar stimuli at once. Speaking of which, if you plan to use pet wedding outfits on the big day, make sure your pet is plenty familiar with the look, feel, and smell of their new duds ahead of time. Let your pet wander around for a few days in their various pet wedding outfits before you try and trot down the aisle. You don’t want fluffy to start ripping it to shreds with their teeth as you say your “I dos”. Well-behaved animals look good no matter what pet wedding outfits you dress them up in.
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Elegant and Timely New Years Party Decorations

Don’t Waste your New Years Party Decorations!

New Years Party Decorations

If you’re planning the perfect elegant New Years Eve party, it’s important to find decorations that don’t look like they came from a birthday party supply warehouse. Unlike many other parties that you may throw during the year, a New Years Eve party tends to be a more adult affair. Put away the balloons and paper plates in favor for some New Years party decorations suitable for ringing in the New Year in style.   One of the first accessories you need in your arsenal of New Years party decorations would be a good set of toasting glasses. These New Years party decorations come in a variety of styles and price ranges, but it’s important to find and purchase them well ahead of time. If you wait until the last minute, the most vital New Years party decorations in your supply will be made of plastic! Nothing halts a New Years party quite like cheap toasting flutes that fall apart well before midnight. Centerpieces and confetti are another important aspect of New Years party decorations. Don’t pick these up at party supply stores, and don’t get supplies that will expire after the night is over. Instead of finding confetti and centerpieces that say “2013” on them, find New Years party decorations that have a theme that will carry well into next year. If all of your New Years party decorations have an immediate expiration date, it’s money down the drain that you could have used for more champagne!
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Go a Little Crazy with a Bachelorette Party Garter

Plan Ahead for the Right Bachelorette Party Garter

Bachelorette Party Garter

While you may be tossing something lacy and simple at your wedding reception, your bachelorette party calls for a different type of garter. A bachelorette party garter is a great time to showcase your inner wild woman - go for something in animal print, or in a daring style, cut, or color. Commonly, a bachelorette party garter will be worn in addition to a dress that might also be a little inappropriate for a wedding day, so the garter is part of the main event throughout the night. This is your bachelorette party; don't be shy! A fun bachelorette party garter (just for you or for your favorite bridesmaids as well) can really spice up an evening and designate just who's getting married in the morning. If you're looking for a bachelorette party garter to compliment a specific outfit, make sure you start shopping early! There's no lack of selection, but specifics should be ironed out way ahead of time to ensure an on-time bachelorette party garter. If you're thinking of gifting a bachelorette party garter (or perhaps springing one on the bride-to-be the night-of), be sure that you know her exact right size ahead of time. A bachelorette party, and by association, the bachelorette party garter, are all about self confidence. Keep it that way!
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Wedding Woes that can Wait

Planning a wedding seems to happen all at once - all of the decisions feel equally important and relevant when you're first engaged and you're caught in a flurry of congratulations and furious planning. Before you drive yourself crazy with details and dahlias, what tasks can be delegated down or saved for later? Here's a short list of tasks and tribulations that you can put on the backburner:   Picking the Bridal Party
Many a retrospective and once-overly-enthusiastic bride will tell you this: don't pick your bridal party too early. If you're still more than a year away from the wedding, keep your #1 pick for Maid of Honor and Flower Girl under wraps. Relationships change, people move away or begin doctorate programs. While your bridal party has only one responsibility - showing up and wearing nice, pre-selected clothes - you want to be sure that the men and women in your line are the friends and family you really want behind you on your wedding day. There's no harm in just waiting it out! Snapping Engagement Photos
Even though they're called "engagement photo shoots" they don't have to be planned and finished within the first few weeks of your engagement. The point of an engagement photo shoot is to showcase your relationship in an environment in which you feel comfortable during a particularly happy time in your life. Some couples choose to use these photos in their "save the dates" or wedding invitations, but by no means is that a requirement. If you're already overburdened with other wedding woes, don't feel that you have to squeeze an engagement photo shoot in as well. Then again, if you could really use an afternoon of looking pretty and exploring your favorite museum or tide pool with your puppy and fiancé, go right ahead!   Selecting Wedding Gifts
Gifts are fun, and pre-planning gifts for your wedding can be just as enjoyable, but it can also take a lot out of you. Registering takes way more energy than you might think, and registering too early can spell disaster for your "early bird" wedding planning ideals. If you register more than a few months ahead of when your invitations go out, you run the risk of items being discontinued and matching dish sets being broken up. My advice is to go through retailers' websites, mark items that you're interested in, and put that list aside for later. Save the physical registration process for just a few months before the big day to save an even bigger hassle later.
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Concerns for the Newly Engaged

A good friend and colleague of mine got engaged over the weekend, and was full of questions when she was back to work. Most of them built up to one bigger concern – where should she even start? If you have a tentative wedding date in mind as soon as you’re engaged, there are a few things you should consider before you start looking through specific details for your day. Before you start picking out centerpieces and trying on dresses, jot these down in a newly purchased wedding planner:   Figure out a guest list
You won’t need a set-in-stone guest list until you send your save-the-dates or invites before your wedding, but all of your other decisions depend on at least a fuzzy picture of who you expect to be attending your big day. A guest list of 50 versus 100 will change the way you spend your $5,000 budget. Much like the earlier budget decision, your thoughts on your guest list composition will color the picture you’ll start to craft of your ideal wedding. This decision is best left for after determining your budget. You can always scale your budget down, but it’s harder to do that with a guest list once you have your heart set on the friends and family you hope to see on your wedding day.   Figure out a budget
It’s easy to get swept up in the romance of a new engagement, but making decisions, even small ones like linens and candles, without a budget can really throw a wrench into the wedding experience. If you get your heart set on a venue or guest list without first figuring out what you can afford, you’ll find yourself disappointed way ahead of time. Even if your wedding is far off in the future, or you know that you’ll need to save up a bit before you start committing to definite plans, know what your end goal is before searching for inspiration online. Have a dollar amount in mind so you aren’t reaching for the moon during your preemptive planning. Weddings can be spectacular on any budget, so don’t fret!   Enjoy the moment!
For the moment, stop planning and start enjoying being engaged. Take your nose out of Pinterest and enjoy some time to yourselves. This is especially important now, as relatives and friends will likely be asking about wedding plans in droves. A simple “we really haven’t started thinking about it yet” will allow some time to digest your ideal plans in favor of some more realistic ones before you start leaking details. Let it settle, enjoy the enthusiasm around you, and start seriously planning a few months down the road.

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Preparing the Perfect Christmas Wedding Favors

Making Christmas Wedding Favors

Christmas Wedding Favors

While we’ll never recommend planning your wedding for Christmas morning, holding a wedding during the Christmas season is a great way to get your family together to celebrate both your marriage and the reason for the season. Thank your guests for participating in this time of togetherness and appreciation with a few special Christmas wedding favors. Even if your winter wedding has not a scrap of holly about it, Christmas wedding favors are an always-appreciated treat during the cold winter months. So what works well for Christmas wedding favors? As a general rule, wedding guests love something they can eat. Indulge that desire with Christmas wedding favors like hot cocoa kits and peppermint bark. If you want to make your special seasonal treats from scratch, transform them into elegant Christmas wedding favors by packaging them professionally. A simple tag and a clean white box takes normal Christmas goodies and turns them into beautiful Christmas wedding favors. Snowflakes, ornaments, and gingerbread man kits also make wonderful Christmas wedding favors. Get creative!
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Old and New: Vintage Wedding Accessory Set

Have it Both Ways with a Vintage Wedding Accessory Set

Vintage Wedding Accessory Set

Finding a vintage guest book or set of toasting glasses on your own is a mean feat. The chances of finding a vintage lace garter (that isn’t yellow and crumbling away at the ties) that you can wear to your chic vintage wedding is just as unlikely. So what are you to do? You’ve got the doily centerpieces and upcycled bath tub of ice and refreshments – how will you manage to scrape together a vintage wedding accessory set? Well, the trick is to get one fresh and new. There is a lot of appeal in old things with their own bit of history, but a vintage wedding accessory set is the time to skip authenticity in favor of aesthetics. Find a vintage wedding accessory set that fits the look and feel of your wedding – there’s no need to find every bit of your wedding in the corner of an antique store. A wedding is a combination of “something old” and “something new”; a time to start a new chapter in your life as a unit with your one-and-only. Your guestbook, your flower girl basket, your toasting glasses, your garter – these are all parts of a vintage wedding accessory set that can be purchased fresh and new: symbols of both your love of vintage appeal and the new part of your life. A vintage wedding accessory set can be both!
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Nerdy Wedding Details

  Nerds, by definition, are lovers. Be it a mutual love of J.R.R. Tolkein, Star Wars Novelizations, linguistics, The Martian Chronicles, Legos, literature, or otherwise, nerdy love breeds some downright beautiful wedding details. Cakes, stationary, centerpieces, rings, and everything in between all have the opportunity to be nerdified in a spectacular and unique fashion.   Non-nerds have it all wrong. They think we hide behind our imagined universes in order to avoid reality. Quite the contrary – we help to build and expand these universes to make our own reality more awesome. Bring that to your wedding with pride.   But if you’re not 100% ready to come to your wedding dressed in full Renaissance Faire gear, you might want to consider a few more subtle nods to your favorite things on your wedding day:  
As save-the-dates are usually much less formal than wedding invitations, nerds the world over have been having fun designing them for their own purposes. From mock comic book covers to stop-motion lego YouTube videos, save-the-dates open up a world of creative possibilities for nerdy couples. Skilled brides, grooms, and bridegrooms build these STDs from scratch, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Artists on sites such as Etsy or Geekvites are more than happy to create unique wedding stationary for your friends and family.  

Wedding cakes are my favorite part of a wedding reception, and it’s the centerpiece that most guests will flock to and admire immediately. Nerdy wedding cakes are very “in” right now, and even in a completely traditional reception space, “TARDIS” cakes don’t stand out as too outlandishly weird. It’s expected that couples express their mutual love for Star Trek or crossword puzzles via a two-foot-high dessert showpiece, so this would be a great opportunity to build something unique and completely “you” in the nerdiest way possible.  

As this is a personal garment that will only be flashed to the general public for a moment, so it’s a great little accessory for the more closeted nerd. Want to flaunt your Gryffindor or Captain America pride without dominating your ceremony with over-the-top replicas and character actors? Strap your love to your leg like a true fan. Fans of Harry Potter and the Marvel universe will find it especially easy to find sexy accessories that feature their favorite universes.  

The Rings
Your wedding rings are forever. Unlike the rest of your wedding details, you’ll carry them with your for the entirety of your wedded life. A true nerd embraces their culture, and nothing shouts that pride louder or clearer than the piece of jewelry you’ll carry around with you long after your wedding day. While most nerdy wedding rings will have to be custom-made, don’t let that deter you. Some nerdy rings are nerdy due just to the material they’re made of, such as meteorite… or kryptonite.

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Complimenting a Bridal Toe Ring

Fabrics and Venues that work with a Bridal Toe Ring

Bridal Toe Ring

  A bridal toe ring is a fun and flirty piece of jewelry that you can wear on your wedding day that will add a subtle sparkle to your look. A bridal toe ring is a popular piece of sparkling jewelry for beach (or just barefoot!) brides, as it adds some flair and class to otherwise bare (though probably pedicured) feet. If you’re planning on rocking bare feet for your wedding day, you won’t just need a bridal toe ring to make your look come together in a fancy free fashion – your dress choice is just as (if not more) important. Compliment your bridal toe ring with one of two of our favorite barefoot dress options: Flowing Free
A long, flowing, airy material is a must for barefoot brides who love a good bridal toe ring. This dress option will fit your venue (a beach, garden, etc) better than a heavier ball gown. If you want to look casual enough for a bridal toe ring, yet still feminine and bridal, stick to something long and sheer.   Short and Sweet
The other gown that perfectly complements a bridal toe ring is something short and cute. Hippie brides and brides of the beach will love a tea-length cotton dress of any style. Again, like with the longer gown, you want to avoid heavy materials and excessive beading. You want your gown to work with your bridal toe ring, just like you want your bridal toe ring to work with you!
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The Practicality and Aesthetic of Wedding Favor Cards

Beautiful (And Useful!) Wedding Favor Cards

Wedding Favor Cards

If you’re making your own favors, be it jarring jams or packaging chocolates or crafting miniature birdhouses, you need a way to dress up your gifts for your guests. Wedding favor cards are a great way to add a professional and charming touch to your handmade (or just hand-packaged) wedding favors. Finding the right wedding favor cards isn’t difficult if you know what you’re looking for. Do you want to add a vintage feel to your favors? A southern charm? Wedding favor cards will unify your aesthetic and drive home your theme. The material and/or design of wedding favor cards will vary for your purposes – you just have to start hunting! You should always consider using wedding favor cards if you’re making your own favors, especially if it won’t be initially obvious that your offerings are for guests to take home with them. The last thing you want is to be stuck with over a hundred measuring spoons or miniature buckets of cheese popcorn. Okay, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but you still want your guests to enjoy the favors too. Wedding favor cards can work for individual guest names or might just be labeled with a simple “thank you.” Either way, wedding favor cards are classy and stylish way to make it exceedingly obvious that the favors are up for grabs.
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Literary Wedding Inspiration

Theme weddings have a habit of borrowing from literature. While finding inspiration in great novels, plays, and poems can be a fun way to personalize your wedding day, it’s easy to go over the top. That’s why, if you don’t want a theme wedding, many people simply don’t bother. Here are some low-key ideas inspired by some of my favorite authors (without stepping into the bounds of “theme-y”: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald was the author of the famous American novel The Great Gatsby, and his career was absolutely saturated with stories of high society in the 1920s. Though his stories were timely critical comments on excess and wealth, his worlds still serve as inspiration for weddings the world over.   Keep it Simple with: Mint Juleps, Martinis, and Bubbly
and Feathers, White Dinner Jackets, and Low Waists.   J. R. R. Tolkien I’ve never met anyone who wouldn’t drop everything for the chance to live in J.R.R. Tolkien’s pastoral domicile: the humble Hobbit hole. The Shire, the mythical serene landscape within Tolkien’s Middle Earth, is perfect in every way. Weddings in the Shire employ the gratuitous use of flowers and the outdoors, plenty of ale, and a plethora of pastels.   Keep it Simple with: Beer and Ale and More Beer
Bright Colors, Flowers, and Airy Fabrics. Edgar Allen Poe
Poe was the author of such famous short horror stories as “The Black Cat” and “The Premature Burial” and poems such as “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee.” Chilling and weirdly romantic, his works have haunted our hearts and minds for decades. While few associate his stories with uplifting happy endings, fans of his enchanting language know exactly why he inspires light and dark weddings everywhere.   Keep it Simple with: Wed Wine and Cognac, Red Wine
Lace, Red Roses, and Buttery Silk.

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Setting Up Bridal Shower Decorations

Designing Cohesive and Cost-Effective Bridal Shower Decorations

Bridal Shower Decorations

Hosting a bridal shower can sometimes become as stressful and difficult as planning a wedding. There’s guest lists, catering, planning, and – of course – decorating. Bridal shower decorations don’t get nearly as much spotlight as wedding decorations, but the aesthetics and ambiance of a bridal shower can’t be overlooked or ignored. The trick to beautiful bridal shower decorations is simplicity and consistency. It doesn’t matter how much you spend or how much you saturate your venue in tissue paper – your bridal shower decorations should be cohesive and minimal. Paper bridal shower decorations are my personal favorite; they’re easy and they always look great. Think about paper bunting, confetti, and classy table numbers to tie your bridal shower decorations together. There’s no need to go crazy buying any and all bridal shower decorations you can. Find a theme and stick to it, but don’t go overboard. For bridal shower decorations, it’s all about beauty in simplicity.   The bride will love her bridal shower as long as she’s surrounded by the women who love her, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the bridal shower decorations! Photos from this event will be stacked next to the ones from the wedding itself – let your bridal shower decorations speak to the quality of the event!
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