Preparing for Pet Wedding Outfits

Get Ready for Pet Wedding Outfits

Pet Wedding Outfits

More and more couples are opting to include their furry friends into their big day. Even if you don’t think your pet would make the best ring bearer, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your favorite pet wedding outfits into the general wedding festivities. You can dress your pet (be it dog or cat) into some fancy pet wedding outfits and take your invitation, save-the-date, or engagement photos in a spot that reflects your identity as a family, or stay at home for a comfortable homey photo shoot. Pet wedding outfits work indoor and out, but if you’re dressing up a feline or a particularly skittish puppy, it’s best not to introduce too many unfamiliar stimuli at once. Speaking of which, if you plan to use pet wedding outfits on the big day, make sure your pet is plenty familiar with the look, feel, and smell of their new duds ahead of time. Let your pet wander around for a few days in their various pet wedding outfits before you try and trot down the aisle. You don’t want fluffy to start ripping it to shreds with their teeth as you say your “I dos”. Well-behaved animals look good no matter what pet wedding outfits you dress them up in.