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Everyone loves Sweet Wedding Cake Toppers!

Sweet Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers

Long gone are the stoic forward-facing bride and groom figurines of yesteryear’s wedding industry. Today’s wedding cake toppers come in a variety of forms and functions, and there are a growing number of sweet wedding cake toppers dominating the market. Sweet wedding cake toppers embrace the reality of marriage and the lighthearted feel of a wedding day. Instead of a bride and groom looking forward morosely, the bride and groom (or groom/groom bride/bride) of sweet wedding cake toppers play and embrace one another. Finding sweet wedding cake toppers that emulate the playful nature of your relationship is easier than ever.   My favorite sweet wedding cake toppers are those that play with the shape of the table or cake in question. Sweet wedding cake toppers may sit on the edge of the pastry, lean seductively up against it, or otherwise interact with it in a more realistic manner. Your sweet wedding cake toppers can be molded and shaped to fit any environment. Sweet wedding cake toppers also make wonderful gifts for the special couple in your life. Instead of figurines standing unemotionally on the edge of a mantle, sweet wedding cake toppers look as if they’re actually enjoying their time wherever they end up. The couple will project love and happiness in their home when the focal points of their living space are sweet wedding cake toppers.
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Exploring DIY: Fabric Flower Edition

Alternative bouquets are beautiful and fun, but putting one together yourself can be a little scary, especially if this is one of your first experiments with Do-It-Yourself. Fabric flowers are a lot of fun to make if you find the right patterns, but figuring out which ones are within your skill range can be tough. Here are a few patterns that I’ve experimented with (as a relatively unskilled DIY-er), and my mixed results: Rolled Fabric Flowers   Their Result:
Click for Tutorial
These simple little fabric rolled roses looked easy enough, so I grabbed some scraps of fabric from my junk drawer and got to work (that was my favorite part – because the roses are made in strips, it was easy to use anything I had). I used plain white glue instead of fabric glue, and it seemed to work fine, but I would definitely recommend something stronger and a little less messy if you’re making something much bigger and/or more delicate.
I didn’t roll my flowers as tightly as the original designer, but I prefer the looser design I ended up with. These were the easiest of the three, but the little blue one turned out a little rough around the edges. Final Size: between 1” and 1 ½” inches   My Result: Buttoned Fabric Flowers   Their Result:
Click for Tutorial
These were the most fun to make, but they also took the most work on my end. After printing out the pattern, cutting all the fabric, and laying out the final design, my fingers didn’t grip the needle as well as I would have liked. Maybe I just need to sharpen my scissors.
The thicker fabric seemed to work best, and I definitely recommend a nice big button for the center.
Final Size: between 2” and 2 ½” inches. My Result: Ribbon Fabric Flowers   Their Result:
Click for Tutorial
This was the only flower I had to buy material for, but it was worth it. I love the way the scrunched ribbon bends to various shapes (though it does stain, so watch out!), and the shiny material makes for a great addition to an otherwise flat bouquet.
The sewing got a little intense near the end (I think I could have used a thicker needle and thread), but it resulted in a beautiful final product. When I fluffed the resulting bloom, I was happy to see how sturdy it was, even if it didn’t look 100% like the picture.
My only complaint is that this design doesn’t work well for all types of wired ribbon. I bought a few yards of a lighter, sheer purple ribbon as well, but the wire was much less cooperative and it wouldn’t scrunch. I scrapped it and stuck with one. Final Size: 2 ½”   My Result:
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A Vegas Cake Topper - The Perfect Elopement Keepsake

Keeping your Vegas Cake Topper in One Piece

Vegas Cake Topper

When you head out to Las Vegas to get married, you often don't bring much with you. Spur-of-the-moment Vegas brides rarely have the time for pre-wedding parties, fancy wedding favors, or even a bouquet. But if you're thinking about eloping with your one-and-only for an unforgettable (yet not so hard to find) wedding destination in Sin City, you might want to think about bringing a Vegas cake topper with you.   Weddings, no matter the destination, are creators of keepsakes. Even if you don't want the hassle of a traditional pomp-and-circumstance affair, a Vegas cake topper can be your one little reminder of a marriage that will last a lifetime. A Vegas cake topper won't take up much room, will look great in photos, and will act as your piece of personalization to any Vegas wedding package.   When packing your Vegas cake topper, be careful to treat it with more care than your dancing shoes. It would be a shame to have your figurine's head break off on the long drive to glittery matrimony. Keep your Vegas cake topper safe by packing it in your carry-on luggage or in a bag that you know you'll be keeping with you. Don't let your Vegas cake topper - your only keepsake - bite the dust before you say "I do!"
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Foodies Rejoice with Culinary Wedding Favors

Celebrate your Love of Food with Culinary Wedding Favors

Culinary Wedding Favors

Are you and your future spouse foodies to the core? Express your love of cooking, food, and each other by distributing culinary wedding favors on your big day. While culinary wedding favors can just be little edible goodies (think jams, homemade chocolate treats, grandma’s cookies), you might consider culinary wedding favors that act as cooking/baking implements! Your guests will love the opportunity to actually use their favors instead of leaving them on the table or letting them collect dust on a nick-knack shelf. Consider the measuring spoon favors – they’re culinary wedding favors that combine a cute, romantic sentiment, practicality, and a love of food and cooking! No guest would want to leave that behind. For the couple who’s more into eating than cooking, think about options such as salt and pepper shakers or mini honey pots for your culinary wedding favors. Even guests who have never made more than reservations can appreciate the good taste of these special treats!   Lay your culinary weddings favors out on place settings beforehand, or have them available on the table during dinner. Culinary wedding favors also make for great place card holders. Have your culinary wedding favors waiting to escort your guests to their seats before the party even begins!
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Keeping your Wedding Deadlines Straight

When you start your wedding planning, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the various deadlines. How long do you have to write a thank you note if someone sends you a gift six weeks before the big day? Is a year too early for a wedding website? Save-the-dates? Here’s a quick run-down on some of the more important wedding deadlines you don’t want to miss:

Your Wedding Website – 8-12 months before
A wedding website is a great way to organize the details of your wedding in a way that your guests can access and enjoy as soon as they get their save-the-dates. The website is where you’ll put details about local hotels, directions to venues, registries, and even your unique proposal story, so feel free to make one as soon as any of those details are nailed out. You can always add information as you progress in your planning and spend the extra time tweaking details.     Your Save-the-Dates – 6-8 months before Save-the-Dates are for letting your guests know to make travel plans ahead of time. If you’re having an entirely local wedding, don’t even worry about sending them. If not, it’s important to balance when you send them out. Your guests need to book hotels, find a way to get time off of work, and maybe even book an extended stay babysitter. If you’re planning a summer wedding (high traffic vacation time) or a Christmas/Thanksgiving date, send them out as early as eight to nine months ahead of time. Just don’t send them out so early that everyone tacks them up on their refrigerators and forgets about them.
It’s also important to note that you should have your guest list (mostly) finalized before you send them out. A save-the-date is as good as an invitation, and guests will be confused and potentially offended if they don’t “make the final cut” and receive an invite. Your Registry – 6 months before
You can bump that registry deadline up if your circle is into engagement parties (as the point of a registry is to let everyone know what you want and need for gift giving occasions), but there really isn’t any reason to put together a registry until someone offers to throw you a shower. You don’t want your favorite items being discontinued way before your wedding date, especially if they’re part of a set and you end up with half a stemware set.
If you do end up setting up your registry early, avoid registering for sets of things and just throw some items on it that can be purchased singularly. You can always go back and add/remove items at your convenience.   Your Invitations – 8-10 weeks before
It’s important not to send your invitations out too soon, as you don’t want them collecting dust on a desk for three months. If you didn’t do save-the-dates, however, it’s equally important that you let your guests make plans well ahead of time. Be careful, though - any more notice than10 weeks and your guests are going to forget about their RSVP date.
Your RSVP cards, by the way, should carry a date of about two weeks or so before the wedding. Ask your caterer when they need the final headcount by, and give your guests a few days of a buffer zone; you want plenty of time to make a few calls to guests who missed the deadline.   Your Thank You Notes – within 2 months… within 2-3 weeks if it comes ahead of time
Get your thank you notes done as soon as you can – trust me! Any time between a month and two months after you return from your honeymoon is fine, but you can only help yourself by doing them as soon as you can. If you wait much longer than a couple of months, a note will just draw attention to the fact that it took this long to send a note.
If you receive a gift before your wedding date, you generally have a few weeks to send a note out, but don’t wait too long; your guests like to know that everything arrived in one piece.

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A Wedding Must-Have: The Maid of Honor Emergency Kit

A Maid of Honor Emergency Kit as a Gift and Necessity

Maid of Honor Emergency Kit

A maid of honor emergency kit does not mean that you, the humble maid of honor, will be required to put out any literal fires or resuscitate a bride with a mighty case of the vapors, but it will prepare you for any other wedding-related emergencies on the big day. A maid of honor emergency kit is usually equipped with all of the wedding day essentials: safety pins, mouth wash, and (my personal favorite) earring backs. A maid of honor emergency kit will make it much easier for you to fly about the day-of putting out (metaphorical) fires and keeping everything and everyone in line.   If you are a bride looking for the right gift for your ever-present and ever-supportive maid of honor, look no further than the maid of honor emergency kit. A maid of honor emergency kit, though helpful on the day of the wedding, is great for any planner who loves to be prepared for anything. There are any number of things that can rip or fall apart or lose a button the morning of a wedding marathon, and a maid of honor emergency kit is a wonderful tool to have standing by. Designate someone to watch over the maid of honor emergency kit (minding that it doesn't have to be the maid of honor), and make sure you keep an eye on where it is throughout the day. You never know when you might pop a seam or need to prepare for a very special kiss - your maid of honor emergency kit will be ready to help!
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Can’t Wait for the Honeymoon?: Honeymoon Luggage Tags

Honeymoon Luggage Tags Make Great Gifts

Honeymoon Luggage Tags

  For the adventurous couple about to embark on the journey that is wedded bliss, honeymoons are the only reason to even bother with a wedding. If you’re a wedded or nearly-wedded couple (or just a family member or friend looking for just the right gift for your favorite honeymoon-bound couple), think about rounding up some honeymoon luggage tags. Honeymoon luggage tags are a practical gift to get for someone else or yourself, and they’re the perfect way to begin a long, blissful honeymoon. No matter where a couple is going, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll need honeymoon luggage tags. Nothing is more stressful than missing luggage, especially on your honeymoon. Use honeymoon luggage tags to keep at least one major annoyance at bay on your honeymoon.   Honeymoon luggage tags are also a great gift because it might be the first time the couple will see their new married names in print. Be sure that the couple you’re gifting honeymoon luggage tags to is planning on a name change – and check out the specifics. As a gift to yourself or your favorite honeymooning couple – you can’t go wrong with honeymoon luggage tags!
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Fill your Space with Floral Wedding Accents

Floral Wedding Accents – Love Never Dies!

Floral Wedding Accents

A ceremony and reception space can be a daunting cavern to fill, and fresh flowers tend to skyrocket a wedding budget faster than you would expect. You don’t have to eliminate fresh flowers from your favorite florist in order to keep your budget in check, however, you just have to supplement with floral wedding accents. Floral wedding accents are any bunches of arranged flowers (often paper or silk) that you can use to bulk up the beauty of your reception or ceremony space. There are floral wedding accents for all venues and budgets, and they are often a wonderful way to get flowers in places that might otherwise go without.   Many brides love to use floral wedding accents on the backs of chairs or the pews in a church – especially for more strict churches (or any other indoor venue) who don’t want to be cleaning up leaves and pollen once the event is over. Floral wedding accents and fixtures are also wonderful if you’re planning on transporting flowers from one venue to another. Floral wedding accents don’t tend to wilt in the car or drip all over the backseat! Guests also love to take floral wedding accents home – whether they’ve been incorporated into the centerpieces, the favors, or elsewhere. Because floral wedding accents never die, your guests will be reminded of your wedding for a lifetime!
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Start your Journey with a Car Wedding Cake Topper

A Car Wedding Cake Topper for the On-The-Go Couple!

Car Wedding Cake Topper

Is your favorite part of a wedding the moment the bride and groom drive off into the sunset at the end of the reception? Think about topping your wedding cake with a car wedding cake topper. A car wedding cake topper is a beautiful way to show your guests your love for the open road, or maybe even for your car in particular! Many couples find that a car wedding cake topper is a fun way to display their love for their particularly favorite kind of transportation - motorcycles, classic cars, or otherwise. A car wedding cake topper is your chance to show that love to your friends and family on your wedding day. Like other couples might display a little version of their pets atop the cake with them, some couples opt for a car wedding cake topper! The car wedding cake topper is also symbolic of the union of which you are celebrating. A car wedding cake topper symbolizes the journey the two of your are about to embark on together; it's about moving forward as a team. A car wedding cake topper isn't just for the couple who spends their weekend waxing their '57 Chevy, it could be for any couple ready to drive off into the sunset together for the rest of their lives. Start your journey with a car wedding cake topper!
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The Versatility of Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes and Wedding Cupcake Accessories

Wedding Cupcakes

The new (and persistent) trend in wedding confection is wedding cupcakes, and it’s no big mystery as to why. Wedding cupcakes offers a cuter and easier option for the couple who aren’t interested in the hassle of a full-size cake, and they are just so darn adorable. The work as dessert, they work as favors, and wedding cupcakes can be styled to fit the look and feel of your wedding for a fraction of the price. Plus, with wedding cupcakes, you don’t have to skip all the fun accessories! Many brides opt for wedding cupcakes simply because they can be made at home (or by an experienced friend). If you chose to use a professional bakery for your wedding cupcakes, you can still save by making them unique to your wedding all on your own. Personalize wedding cupcakes with wrappers (not the birthday party wrappers of old, but posh, clean, stylish wrappers) and display cases such as miniature bell jars. With the right accessories, all wedding cupcakes fit in at every style of modern wedding.   Stack your wedding cupcakes up in a tower or place them gingerly at every place setting – with the right accessories, there’s no way to go wrong with wedding cupcakes.
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Unexpected Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for their attendance, though finding something that hasn’t graced a thousand other rented lavender table linens can be tough. What sort of wedding favors will guests actually USE after the reception, and what can you guarantee won’t be tossed into a drawer and forgotten about after the drive home? If you’re going to shell out a few extra hundred bucks on something special for your guests, how can you be sure it’s something they’ll enjoy? Here are a few ways to create memorable wedding favors for your guests:   Edible Favors
This doesn’t just mean another bag of bulk chocolate peanuts – try something a little different for your reception. Did you and your fiancé split a bag of Hershey’s Kisses on your first date? Fill an elegant paper bag with these romantic sweeties and be sure to print up an explanation for their existence on the side. Your guests will love the sentiment, and who doesn’t love Kisses?
This is also a great option if you want to make something special for your guests. Many couples choose to jar their own homemade jam or package mom’s winning chocolate chip cookies. Mix delicious with meaningful for favors that will whet your guests’ appetites.
Useful Favors
It’s not that symbolic wedding favors are terrible  – it’s just that you might be left with ten or twenty unclaimed boxes from couples who can’t bring themselves to shelve another knick knack. Instead of landing your guests with something they’ll have to keep on their mantle, try something new – something useful. Tea infusers, honey pot wands – they don’t have to match mini fridges or hedge trimmers in practicality, but they should be something that has a purpose other than “taking up space.” Wacky Favors
These favors are great for events that are little more casual (or at least informal). Your guests don’t need to go home with gold wristwatches for your generosity to be appreciated, so think about doing something a little unexpected. This is a great time to hand out fun props on the dance floor, bubbles and sparklers for the big exit, or even water guns. Again, this is not something I would try to pull off in a grand painted ballroom, but might be better suited for a laid-back park reception. The pictures will be wonderful, and you can be sure that your guests won’t forget about your favors!

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Smart Brides Will Love an Alternative Wedding Bouquet

The Right Alternative Wedding Bouquet

Alternative Wedding Bouquet

Florists are a big part of wedding day expenditures, which is why many brides are eschewing big-budget bouquets in favor of an alternative wedding bouquet that better speaks to their style needs. An alternative wedding bouquet does not equal plastic flowers stapled together last minute, it's actually quite the contrary. A lovingly-made alternative bouquet might be just what you need to make your big day as special as it can be.   So what, exactly, is an alternative wedding bouquet composed of? The short answer is - whatever you want! If you want an alternative wedding bouquet fashioned from seashells, ribbons, silk, crystals, or anything else you can think of, you're in luck - am alternative wedding bouquet is already assembled and waiting for you. This type of bouquet is wonderful for beach brides who believe that azaleas have no place at a bonfire, or just the sensitive bride whose nose just can't stomach a perfumed aisle on her wedding day. An alternative wedding bouquet is an exciting alternative that will turn heads as you walk down the aisle!   An alternative wedding bouquet is also much easier to preserve than its fresh cousin - keep the memories alive forever without the expensive preservation process!
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