How Do You Show Thanks At Your Wedding?

How Do You Show Thanks At Your Wedding?

There are so many things you can be thankful for on your wedding day! And gratitude is one of the best mood setters for an upbeat festive atmosphere. So saying thank you at your wedding may be just the right thing, and here are the best ideas on how to do that!

A warm welcome – If most of the guests travel to attend your celebration, a humble welcome at the hotel might endear them. It can include a drink, snacks, a spa session, or a weekend plan they will receive at the reception in the hotel.

Bridal favors – It’s the traditional way of showing gratitude to everyone who attends the wedding. Favors are souvenirs for the day, and aside from traditional decorative ones, you can think outside the box and make favors that people can use in everyday life. Think about purchasing bottle openers, mugs, or coin purses with your initials and date!

A thank you speech – This is a classic way of saying thank you at your wedding to everyone who attends it. You can include cute or fun facts about your most important guests, like bridesmaids, groomsmen, or each set of parents or siblings. You can even say thank you with a special song and invite them for a dance!

Send a personal thank you message – If you’re planning a small event, make some time after your big day to write a card to everyone who attended. Include a sincere thank you, and refer to a thing you loved about their presence: how they looked, the gift they brought, or how they contributed to the festive atmosphere. 

A ‘thank you’ station – This can be a table with candles and a rustic hard-cover notebook in which guests will write something they think you will be grateful about. Or you can leave post-it notes and pencils or favors, and invite them to post a note on your ‘thank you’ wall.

Whatever way you choose to say thank you at your wedding, make sure you open your heart and do it with a sincere smile! Visit our blog to discover more helpful tips and ideas!