How To Prepare For A Winter Wedding

How To Prepare For A Winter Wedding

Winter is such a romantic season. If you were thinking about having a winter wedding, we are here to tell you it’s a great idea! The shimmering of the snow, the coziness of the fireplace, the holiday season – the perfect cozy vibes, oozing love and closeness. 

And if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some winter wedding ideas you might want to explore.

Candles and glitter

You can’t really go overboard with the number of candles or glitter you decide to include in your winter wedding decorations. The darker months require tons of festive ornaments.

Short and warm

If you booked an outdoor venue for some snowy romance, ensure the events are brief. Waiting outside in winter may wear off many guests. Offering blankets, hot drinks, or even including a fireplace can promote their tolerance. Don’t forget to note in the invitation how long the outdoor part of the ceremony will last so they can prepare accordingly.  

One venue

Having all parts of the agenda in one venue is smart and simpler. If it is possible to have the ceremony and the reception in one place, this will save the guests from a lot of trouble in the cold.  

Hot drinks specials

Having a tea and bourbon station is one of the exclusive winter wedding ideas you might want to consider. Coffee, latte, a wide selection of tea, cocoa, mulled beer/wine, and spirits are a nice way to keep your guests warm.

Challenging planning

There are a few things you should think about when planning a winter event: the cold weather, less daylight, and guest plans. Cold weather may limit or even dictate your outfit options, require special skincare, or extra preparations for eventual snowy or rainy weather. 

And our last tip for today: you have to invite your guests way ahead, so they can organize their family plans, winter holidays, and ski trips timely.

Planning a winter wedding can be the most joyous and magical experience you get to witness. Don’t let the cold stop you – spend the most beautiful day of your life surrounded by the warm love of your close family and friends circle.

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