What Are The Best Locations For A Snowy Wedding?

What Are The Best Locations For A Snowy Wedding?

Have you ever imagined how romantic having a snowy wedding would be? Just imagine reading your vows in the middle of a shimmering white field, making a toast with mulled wine in front of a fireplace, surrounded by everyone you love!

Without further ado, we’ll spare you valuable research time and provide you with some of the best winter wedding locations to celebrate your union! Check our list and pick a destination to add snowy romance to your special day.


Montana is the perfect destination if a roaring fire at a rustic ranch is your ultimate celebration experience. There is an increasing trend of all-inclusive weekends, and many ranches across the country offer services for small and medium celebrations.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is one of the top winter destinations in the States. If a luxury event is what you have on your mind, Aspen venues won’t disappoint in adding an exclusive vibe to your wedding.  


If you envision your snowy wedding as a 'back to mother nature' experience, Wyoming is an excellent option for a destination event. Some of the top snowy destinations include Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park. Trust us, Wyoming is definitely a must-visit for any travel-loving guest. 


If you want to travel to Europe and are not afraid of crowds, consider having your destination celebration in the Swiss Alps. You can choose between Jungfrau Region, Zermatt – a scenic town just below Matterhorn peak, The Swiss National Park, the Mediterranean vibe in Lugano, or the historic city of Lucerne. Even if you are not staying at a ski resort, Switzerland will give that whimsical winter backdrop for the perfect snowy wedding you’re looking for. 


The City of Light is less crowded and even more romantic in winter. Witnessing a snowfall in Paris would be such an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Just imagine the photo sessions with all of the Parisian landmarks!

We hope our top list of snowy wedding destinations inspired you to explore the magical opportunities for a romantic destination celebration that the winter season offers. At last, it is the season to be merry – or married!

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