Is It Taboo to Have a Wedding On Christmas?

Is It Taboo to Have a Wedding On Christmas?

The best season of the year is here! That brings the question: Who wouldn't want to enjoy a Christmas wedding? A white wedding accompanied by a snowy Christmas would be unbelievably stunning.

Just picture it: blazing fireplaces, sparkling lights, chilly mornings, nourishing cuisine you can fill up on, and most importantly, the chance of snow! In fact, the wedding mood is very much in the air with all the joy and celebration. Although some people may consider it taboo, we assure you it’s not! Let’s explore some of the positives together.

First things first

You should ensure that you and your beloved want a winter wedding! A Christmas wedding is absolutely not for you if you have your heart set on a beautiful summer celebration with lush green trees and the warmth of the sun pouring down on you.

However, if you'd prefer a wintertime celebration, choosing a date between Christmas and New Year can be a perfect choice for you. Along with several other excellent advantages, you'll enjoy all the wonderful accents of winter themes, colors, and weather! Just imagine all the white beauty!

Beneficial for your guests

The majority of your guests will probably be free of work between Christmas and New Year's. Of course, some will need extra time off, but the rest of your friends and family will have planned to be free during that time.

That also holds true if you're inviting relatives from abroad! A wedding during this time allows families to reunite in one location since they are likely already traveling to return home. Also, imagine this: Your family will be getting ready for the festive season, and you will be giving invitations about the best moment of your life – most likely, it will be the best present you can give them!

You can get a great deal

Because weddings are not typically held between Christmas and New Year, you may be able to save money on your preferred location.

Many venues have different rates for weekdays than they do for weekends, assuming they are not organizing special Christmas parties or other business events.

Christmas decorations

It shouldn't surprise you that many locations will have Christmas trees and other decorations up in lieu of the jolly season. 

You are not required to pay extra to have them as part of your winter wedding, posing as a  stellar backdrop for your photos, as they are already installed for the time period.

We hope you have made up your mind! You will really enjoy the twinkling lights, the snow, and all those cute little decorations! We guarantee that you’ll have the most perfect and magical Christmas wedding!