Can You Wear White To A Wedding As a Guest?

Can You Wear White To A Wedding As a Guest?

In the opinion of brides and guests alike, wearing white at a nuptial is undoubtedly one of the celebration's greatest and longest-running social faux-pas. Before a wedding, guests invariably react with frightened gasps and fists clenched around their chests whenever someone even remotely considers wearing white, ivory, or bone.

To avoid making anyone's day miserable, you should abide by a few unwritten laws. Even before deciding on the color of your attire, your main concern should be to avoid overshadowing the bride.

Do not wear floor-length

The main point of having your attire censored is to make sure that the bridal gown is the only one of its sort that day. After all, you are a wedding guest, and the focus shouldn’t be put on you. Therefore, there must be no floor-length (unless it is a formal dress code) or trailing white maxi dresses that may pass for bridal attire.

If you're wearing white, choose clothing that has the least possible similarity to a wedding gown and is over the knee or just below the midriff.

Pick a distinctive shape

This rule is founded, once more, on the same justification for avoiding a full-length skirt: to avoid having a dress that even remotely resembles the bride. This is why it's also a good idea to avoid what are considered to be more bridal-style fabrics and designs, such as chiffon or A-line skirts and cinched waists.

Instead, consider selecting a garment with a unique shape and structure. To appear sleek and distinctive rather than soft and bridal, you want to make your dress as edgy and contemporary as possible.

Take no risks

As a wedding guest, choose a different color out of respect for the bride and the tradition's lineage. Whether you are aware of the bride's opinion on the matter or not, it is always best to go with the path of caution. Think of colors matching the wedding color scheme or be guided by the seasonal palette. On the other hand, you can always go for the classics! For instance, you can never go wrong with a little black dress!

It is simple and quick to embellish a white garment with delicate lace or glistening sequins. Rather than wearing white dresses, consider switching to a jumpsuit or floral design to prevent people from mistaking your attire for a wedding dress.