What Are The Benefits Of A Thanksgiving Wedding?

What Are The Benefits Of A Thanksgiving Wedding?

Getting married on Thanksgiving Day might be the best idea for an autumn celebration. It will get you more days off to enjoy your special day. A Thanksgiving wedding will ensure everyone will RSVP YES because they have days off anyway. 

Wondering why and how to plan a Thanksgiving wedding? Here are some of the benefits and tips to help you out!

It is a great family event 

Thanksgiving is typically a day for the family to gather and celebrate, and so is you and your partner’s union. It is a weekend that you would’ve spent with your family anyway, so why not level up the party? Most of your guests would be close family members or friends, so you can quickly turn this idea into a destination event. Bringing both families together on a three or four-day adventure is something you and they will never forget!

You should plan it way ahead

A Thanksgiving Wedding needs to be planned much further than an ordinary one. If it requires traveling, you should know that it’s a very busy holiday with few vendors and venues available. So good flights and free vendors must be booked as early as possible. 

You may want to check beautiful scenic places abroad if it is a destination celebration. In countries where Thanksgiving is not celebrated, you would get a much lower price and good quality of service. 

No dwelling on the theme for the Thanksgiving Wedding

If you have a hard time deciding about a theme, and especially if you are dwelling on each detail, figuring out how to plan a Thanksgiving wedding will spare you a lot of time and brainpower. Keep the colors in the autumn spectrum, make a twist and incorporate traditional Thanksgiving food, and get inspired by gratitude when buying all the favors. After all, this holiday is all about being thankful!

In the end, here’s a quick and useful tip to include on your Thanksgiving wedding: If you have too many contacts but can’t afford to invite everyone, you can use this holiday to play a little trick. Invite everyone you know, and there sure will be many of them who will turn down because of family plans.

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