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An Alternative to Bare Feet: Comfy Bridal Shoes

Keeping Comfy Bridal Shoes On-Hand

Comfy Bridal Shoes

Not everyone spends their days in three-inch platforms, and most of us spend as little time in such shoes as possible. On your wedding day, however, many brides choose to bite the bullet and wear some seriously uncomfortable footwear in the name of bridal fashion. While they might look good in pictures, these less than comfy bridal shoes can really throw off your game for the rest of the night. While you should be thinking about your new spouse or the friends and family who traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to see you, all you can think about is throwing off those damn shoes. Our suggestion is to have an easily-accessible and stylish pair of comfy bridal shoes ready to go the second you finish with pictures. Comfy bridal shoes range from slip-ons to sandals, and they’re a much better alternative to a night of pain and regret.   Start looking now for the right pair of comfy bridal shoes. These should be shoes that work with your outfit, draw very little attention to themselves, and protect your tootsies from the perils of the dance floor. Some brides simply kick off their shoes as the night wears on, but we caution against that. Not only will your feet look a lot less gross with a good pair of comfy bridal shoes, you’re also more protected from the hazards of the bare ground. Get smart, and find a pair of comfy bridal shoes that work for you!
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A Convincing Case for a Wedding Survival Kit

Packing an Effective Wedding Survival Kit

Wedding Survival Kit

Your wedding is going to be a blur of vows, champagne, dancing, and familiars. The only moment when time will stop and panic will wash over you like so much old, new, borrowed, and blue? When a seam splits, or a vital bobby pin disappears, or you realize you left the house without deodorant. What’s your best bet to fight against the insanity? The simple answer is a wedding survival kit, and one or two of your nearest and dearest to guard it. Also, it never hurts to have more than one wedding survival kit. A wedding survival kit is a necessity not only for you, but also for your bridesmaids, your mother, your future mother in law, and, yes, your fiancé. A wedding survival kit (if prepared meticulously enough ahead of time and with the knowledge and wisdom of many a reflective unprepared bride) can mean the difference between smooth nuptials and vows wrought with panic and anxiety. So who carries the wedding survival kit? There is many a wedding survival kit made to be portable and fashionable. Most of them fit easily into purses, and some even look like clutches that can be carried around without additional packaging. Either carry it around yourself or find an organized bridesmaid to ready the safety pins and mini toothbrushes within. There’s no such thing as an overburdened wedding survival kit.
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Displaying your Wedding Dessert Boxes

Why you Shouldn’t Skimp on Wedding Dessert Boxes

Wedding Dessert Boxes

  The best wedding favors are the ones you can eat. Wedding dessert boxes are a wonderful way to give your guests the gift of food while unloading some of the leftovers you weren’t expecting. How do you make the transition from glorified doggie bag to elegant wedding favor? Well, the trick really is in the wedding dessert boxes. Find wedding dessert boxes that fit the look and feel of your day; don’t just opt for the cheapest ones you could find. Wedding dessert boxes can save you a ton of money on wedding favors, but pretty packaging makes all the difference when it comes to style and elegance. Really spend some time selecting and decorating the right wedding dessert boxes. Displaying your wedding dessert boxes is another important step in their reception. Ask your caterer to package and display several packaged slices of cake (or whatever your wedding dessert is) on a table with several empty wedding dessert boxes and the servable dessert near the exit. Guests will see how the dessert should be packaged, the empty wedding dessert boxes, and the tempting pieces of wedding dessert. You have an instant favor, your guests have an impressive package with contents they will actually enjoy, and wedding dessert boxes save the day again.
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Show Your Feet Mercy with Bridal Flip Flops

Bridal Flip Flops

Don't torture your feet all night! Keep a stash of Bridal Flip Flops

  When viewing the photos of your wedding months (or even years) from now, you're going to hope you looked your best - makeup, hair, dress, bridal party - everything should go the way you planned. But what about your poor, aching feet? Will pictures show every wince and grimace as you try to dance in your sky-high stilettos? Many brides kick off their shoes to hit the dance floor during their reception, but consider this more fashionable option: Bridal flip flops. Bridal flip flops aren't just for the beach; they can be packed as a secondary option for later in the evening when your puppies start barking. Heels look pretty in photographs, but nothing will replace your blissful face as you aren't trying to fight against your shoes all night. Bridal flip flops also allow you to dine and dance without sitting to "rest" every other minute. Bridal flip flops don't have to end just with you - bridal flip flops are a great kindness to extend to your guests! Bridal flip flops can be provided as a wedding favor and stored in baskets by the dance floor. Your guests will appreciate bridal flip flops as much as your tired feet!
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Bridal shoes

There are various accessories that a bride wears on the wedding day. You will take special care to procure those accessories. But you must not forget about one of the most important accessories and that is bridal shoes. You must make sure that your shoes are comfortable. You would need to be on your feet the entire day. So it is important that you your shoes do not betray you. You will get a variety of shoes to choose from – starting from pumps to heels to stilettos. Choose the one that offers both style and comfort. Make sure that the color of your bridal shoes matches with your dress. Getting married is stressful. The least that you can do is to make sure that your feet are not stressed out at the end of the day. You will have to do a lot of prancing around. Bridal flip flops are the most popular among brides. They serve as good gifts as well. If you feel that you are not getting a stylish pair of shoes that is comfortable too, then do not worry. Your gown will cover most of your shoes. So you can wear a pair that may not be too stylish but is extremely comfortable.
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Tips on receiving your guests

It is always good to receive your guests on your wedding day. However, you must keep a tab on the time. Practically, you must give 30 minutes for every 100 people in the line. Once you are familiar with the basic idea of what a receiving line is all about, you will be able to handle it better. You can form the receiving line either in the vestibule right after the ceremony or at the entrance to the reception area. Once everybody in the line is in position, then you start receiving. Keep the greetings precise but sincere. If you find tome, it is always better to review the guest list before hand. You must introduce your relatives and friends to your spouse and vice versa. If the line is exceptionally long, then you can include some pleasant music to make the wait lively. You can also ask the waiter to serve hors d’oeuvres and champagne. Try and be as friendly as you can. If by chance you forget the name of any person or are having some problem pronouncing the name, it is better to stick to general comments not involving the name. You will not want to get embarrassed on your wedding day for sure.
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Handy Wedding Day Tips

Your wedding day is a day where everything should be perfect. But you will never stop worrying lest something goes wrong at the last moment. Isn’t it? Here are some tips that will help you get plan things in a way that you stay free of worries.
•    The most important task is to choose the date and venue and the budget. Once that is done, half your worries are over. Make sure you stick to the budget.
•    Book the venue in advance.
•    Make sure your dress, shoes and other accessories are chosen much before hand.
•    See to it that your guest list is prepared before hand and revise it thoroughly to ensure that nobody has been missed out.
•    Get the music and the photographer organized with care. Make sure that they arrive before hand.
•    The flowers for the bride’s bouquet must match the bridal gown.
•    Practice our vows in front of the mirror so that you do not falter on the D day.
•    You must choose the menu with proper care much in advance. You have to take into consideration all your guests. It is most important for you to be happy and relaxed on your special day
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Facilities at your wedding

If you have high profile guests attending your wedding, then you might want to depute security guards at your wedding. These guards screen the guest as per the pre prescribed guest list. They make sure that there are no gate crashers. Hiring security guards is the best way to keep a control on your guest list. It really looks bad if you have to patrol up and down to screen guests, in your wedding attire. It is better to approach the company before hand so that you can be relaxed on that aspect at least. If you have many guests arriving, you might also want to have a valet parking option available. This will ensure that your guests do not park miles away from the venue and then walk. They can simply get down at the venue and hand over the keys to the valet. The rest will be taken care of the valet. They will park the car and then get them back when the wedding is over. Another important facility available at your wedding should be a good cleaning service. It must include everything from vacuuming, window treatments, cleaning up spills, furniture polish and others. You can check the yellow pages for details on companies providing these services.
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Learn to relax and feel rejuvenated

A bride has a lot of planning and other work to do before her wedding. They want everything to be perfect – starting from the flowers to food to decorations. So they really work very hard to get everything right. But again, they would want to look their best on the wedding day. So it is very important that you take your time out and relax before your special day, if you really want to look good. Here are a few tips on how to rejuvenate before your wedding day. •    Decide on your make up and hairdo at least two weeks before your wedding day. If possible try and do a rehearsal before hand so that you are not in for any kind of surprises on the D day.
•    Eat well and take a short nap before the ceremony starts. That way you will feel relaxed and rested.
•    Get a facial and spa done. You must pamper yourself to the core. After all it is your special day.
•    Go in for a pedicure and manicure a couple of days prior to the wedding.
•    Do not take any stress.
•    Try and sleep as much as you can to avoid dark circles below your eyes. Be happy all the time. I am sure it would not be too difficult as it would come naturally.
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Look Beautiful On Your Wedding

Looking good on your wedding day is not just something that you can achieve overnight. You have to start off at least a couple of months before the D Day. You need to invest in a good skin care program months before. You need to take proper care of your skin and health. If you are fresh from inside, then the glow will definitely emanate from within. You must take care of your diet and have a healthy lifestyle. A day before the wedding, it is necessary that you go for a spa, facial, massage, pedicure, manicure and maybe a little trim to keep your tresses in shape. On your special day have a good relaxing bath. You must eat at least a small meal on that day to ensure that you do not faint at the altar. You can get your makeup and hair done a couple of hours before the ceremony. Your nails must be in proper shape and nicely polished. You would definitely not want to have chipped nails with uneven nail polish applied all over on that day. Your makeup should go with your gown. It should not be totally out of context. You may want to apply a lipstick that will last you longer. One tip is that you can apply some foundation before applying lipstick.
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