Displaying your Wedding Dessert Boxes

Why you Shouldn’t Skimp on Wedding Dessert Boxes

Wedding Dessert Boxes

  The best wedding favors are the ones you can eat. Wedding dessert boxes are a wonderful way to give your guests the gift of food while unloading some of the leftovers you weren’t expecting. How do you make the transition from glorified doggie bag to elegant wedding favor? Well, the trick really is in the wedding dessert boxes. Find wedding dessert boxes that fit the look and feel of your day; don’t just opt for the cheapest ones you could find. Wedding dessert boxes can save you a ton of money on wedding favors, but pretty packaging makes all the difference when it comes to style and elegance. Really spend some time selecting and decorating the right wedding dessert boxes. Displaying your wedding dessert boxes is another important step in their reception. Ask your caterer to package and display several packaged slices of cake (or whatever your wedding dessert is) on a table with several empty wedding dessert boxes and the servable dessert near the exit. Guests will see how the dessert should be packaged, the empty wedding dessert boxes, and the tempting pieces of wedding dessert. You have an instant favor, your guests have an impressive package with contents they will actually enjoy, and wedding dessert boxes save the day again.