Mix and Match your Male Wedding Cake Toppers

Switching and Swapping Male Wedding Cake Toppers

Male Wedding Cake Toppers

  Whether you’re putting together a mix-and-match same-sex wedding cake topper or trying to find just the right male to your female cake topper, it can sometimes be frustrating trying to find male wedding cake toppers. Male wedding cake toppers used to come in one variety: tall white guy. Lucky for everyone, the wedding cake topper industry has expanded, and with it the variety of male wedding cake toppers. Male wedding cake toppers now come in many different ethnicities and with many different accessories and poses. No matter what you’re trying to build or compliment, there are male wedding cake toppers for you. If you’re trying to compile two gentlemen together to create a one-of-a-kind same-sex cake topper, you have a few options with your male wedding cake toppers. Some male wedding cake toppers were designed to go with complimentary females, but mixing and matching has become easier than ever. Find two men that fit your look and style, and arrange in whatever fashion you wish. Male wedding cake toppers, like their female or heterosexual counterparts, are versatile and work as toppers or accents to most wedding tables and décor.