Outdoorsy Wedding Favors you can Enjoy with or without a Roof

The Joy of Outdoorsy Wedding Favors

Outdoorsy Wedding Favors

If you're a couple of refined horticultural taste, you know exactly what it's like to want to share that passion with the world. Be it gardening, floral design, or maybe other outdoors interests such as camping, hiking, or biking, the outdoorsy couple will likely reflect their love for the natural world during their wedding day. If you're hosting an outdoor wedding (or maybe just a wedding that reflects a love of the outdoors), consider lining your tables with outdoorsy wedding favors. Outdoorsy wedding favors clue your guests in to your passions, hobbies, and interests, while leaving them with a practical, beautiful souvenir that they can use outside. Popular outdoorsy wedding favors include such trinkets as tealights, small lanterns, or even homemade goodies like trail mix. If you're going with the edible option, try to class it up a little with a designer box or tag. Even though you hit the trails without any frills, your outdoorsy wedding favors should always be wedding-ready. Other fun outdoorsy wedding favors may not be designed for use without a roof, but instead remind your guests of the outdoors. These gifts usually work their magic in the kitchen. Consider outdoorsy wedding favors such as floral salt and pepper shakers or beehive honey pots. Though your guests may not be using them outdoors, these outdoorsy wedding favors will always remind them of you!