Facilities at your wedding

If you have high profile guests attending your wedding, then you might want to depute security guards at your wedding. These guards screen the guest as per the pre prescribed guest list. They make sure that there are no gate crashers. Hiring security guards is the best way to keep a control on your guest list. It really looks bad if you have to patrol up and down to screen guests, in your wedding attire. It is better to approach the company before hand so that you can be relaxed on that aspect at least. If you have many guests arriving, you might also want to have a valet parking option available. This will ensure that your guests do not park miles away from the venue and then walk. They can simply get down at the venue and hand over the keys to the valet. The rest will be taken care of the valet. They will park the car and then get them back when the wedding is over. Another important facility available at your wedding should be a good cleaning service. It must include everything from vacuuming, window treatments, cleaning up spills, furniture polish and others. You can check the yellow pages for details on companies providing these services.