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Attention Wenches and Sirs! Ren Faire Wedding Cake Toppers!

Keep it Authentic with Ren Faire Wedding Cake Toppers

Ren Faire Wedding Cake Toppers

This weekend marked the beginning of Faire season for many counties across the country, and dedicated Ren Faire patrons know that Faire doesn’t just end when the tents go down and the mead gets packed away. The Renaissance Faire is life for many dedicated goers, and nothing less than Ren Faire wedding cake toppers will satisfy them when the time comes to tie the knot. Poxy Boggards and Merry Wives of Windsor alike are likely to hold their actual wedding ceremony and reception at a local or high-profile Faire venue – why not top off the occasion with some genuine Ren Faire wedding cake toppers? Though vendors at Faire often carry goods as varied and diverse as genuine leather flagons and hand-blown crystal balls, Ren Faire wedding cake toppers are a rare sight, and patrons are not always likely to find what they really want. Start your search for Ren Faire wedding cake toppers early and often, and be sure to correspond with the seller before you commit. Are you getting genuine pewter and not painted aluminum? Now is a better time to find out than later!   Faire goers know that while some venues can be tough about what they’ll let you bring in to guest events, a Renaissance Faire wedding is incomplete without the Ren Faire wedding cake toppers. Owners of the property are unlikely to deny you that outside commodity, but you should ask first anyway!
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Thinking Honeymoon with a Getaway Wedding Cake Topper

Miles Away with a Getaway Wedding Cake Topper

Getaway Wedding Cake Topper

Most couples dream of the honeymoon that follows a wedding, no matter the size. A chance for a truly beautiful adventure and a moment to “get away from it all” after the hectic nature of a party as chaotic and time-consuming as a wedding is undoubtedly alluring. So why not share that yearning and excitement on the day of your wedding with a getaway wedding cake topper as relaxed and tranquil as your honeymoon will surely be? A getaway wedding cake topper could feature a road-tripping couple, a scene on a tranquil beach in the tropics, or even just a mention of the destination on some custom engraving. The point of a getaway wedding cake topper is to mirror the laid-back fun that is surely awaiting you after the cake has been cut and the bouquet tossed. Don’t wait for the honeymoon to get into the “getaway” state of mind. Start with a getaway wedding cake topper during your reception! A getaway wedding cake topper will become a wonderful memento for a shelf full of wedding and honeymoon memories. Imagine how perfect a getaway wedding cake topper will look beside a photo of the for-real getaway couple!
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Dance through Life Together with Dancing Wedding Cake Toppers

The Spontaneity and Grace of Dancing Wedding Cake Toppers

Dancing Wedding Cake Toppers

If you’re looking for a truly unique cake topper for your wedding day that radiates your fun and spontaneous personality as a couple, consider browsing a few dancing wedding cake toppers. You don’t need to be an expert in the tango or the foxtrot to appreciate and use dancing wedding cake toppers, though it can’t hurt. Dancing wedding cake toppers are for any couple who are beyond excited to be spending the rest of their lives together. After all, it’s a wedding! Who ISN’T dancing? Your dancing wedding cake toppers can mirror your love for dance, sure, but the spirit of dance is that of joy, spontaneity, and the rhythm and sync of two people who are desperately in love. Dance symbolizing harmony; working together. Any couple can appreciate that kind of imagery from dancing wedding cake toppers.   Display one on the top of your cake, sure, but that isn’t the only place you could set dancing wedding cake toppers on your wedding day. These accessories look wonderful on your sweetheart table, among your assorted desserts, and even guarding the table with all of your gifts. Everywhere is the right place for dancing wedding cake toppers, and they’ll look right at home on your mantle, beside all of the other pictures of you dancing through life!
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A Dr. Who Wedding for the Whole Family

Dr. Who is one of the most popular and longest-running science fiction television shows in the entire world, with a fan base more dedicated and loving than most marriages. It seems so very obvious then that so many couples would want to use elements from the show within their nuptials, usually in the form of cake toppers, garters, photo booths, and other wedding reception goodies. So how can you include your love for the doctor in the most important social gathering of your relationship without alienating those you love in the flurry of Dr. Who gadgets and memorabilia? The answer is subtlety, as it is with anything, especially when you’re dealing with wedding elements outside of your wedding reception. Here are my thoughts and recommendations for your special day: The Ceremony
The ceremony is possibly the best place for some beautiful Dr. Who inclusions. Aside from the color scheme and the attire (everyone loves a fez and bow tie), think of including some personal touches within the wording and accessories of the ceremony itself. My favorite touches for a ceremony? Have the parents of the bride(s) and/or groom(s) “consent and gladly give” their children away to replace the traditional bride hand-off, or have the officiant perform the marriage ceremony out of a replica TARDIS diary, inspired by Dr. River Song. Again, keep your Whovian accessories accessible! Your fandom is important, but you don’t want to lose the attention of those you love most in the middle of the ceremony. If necessary, explain why little things have been changed in the ceremony program you provide for your guests. The Paper Goods
Dr. Who invites are very easy to come by and to make, with various degrees of subtlety. As “Tardis Blue” is now an actual color that items can be purchased in, despite the resistance of Crayola, it isn’t difficult to create a Dr. Who-inspired set of stationary to send off to all of your closest friends and relatives. Consider police box-shaped backing and TARDIS blue envelopes. Some dedicated fans have even signed off on their mailings with the doctor’s famous catchphrases. Consider such gems as “Hope to see you there – Allons-y!” or “Bow ties are optional, but you should wear one. Bow ties are cool!” As with any usage of fan culture in wedding accessories, it’s important that you try to make these little inclusions accessible. Don’t write the address in Gallifreyan or list your names as “the future Rory and Amy Pond.” Have fun, but keep up the subtlety!
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A Monogram Letter Cake Topper

Name Your Cake with a Monogram Letter Cake Topper

Letter Cake Topper

A custom monogram is a must-have in the modern wedding scene, and a letter cake topper ties the whole affair together. A letter cake topper is a wonderful way to crown your picturesque wedding pastry, and is a classy, contemporary accessory for weddings of any style and formality. Some letters sell out faster than others when it comes to the right letter cake topper, so be sure to start your shopping early and be open to different styles and designs. A script and silver letter cake topper may find a better home at a swankier affair, while a print letter cake topper in porcelain with a seashell accent would look a little out of place. It’s all about your personal style and what you decide on as a couple.   You aren’t limited to a single letter for your letter cake topper, despite the singular moniker. If the top of your cake allows, craft a custom monogram by combining your first initials with your communal last initial. Many couples are choosing to change names, hyphenate, keep them the same, or come up with entirely new names together – gone are the days of the assumed singular letter cake topper. A one letter cake topper isn’t gone forever, but it’s certainly getting company.
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Modernizing Classic Wedding Cake Toppers

Making Classic Wedding Cake Toppers New Again

Classic Wedding Cake Toppers

  More and more couples are reaching for classic wedding cake toppers as they design the perfect reception for their big day. Though contemporary and interpretive cake toppers are still setting the scene for today’s weddings, sometimes you just can’t beat the classic wedding cake toppers. Classic wedding cake toppers often feature a traditional bride and groom, or some other vintage figurine, in a pose that evokes images of traditional and vintage weddings. These classic wedding cake toppers have never gone out of style, and for good reason – nothing crowns a cake quite like a bride and groom. Recent social advancements have allowed for the bride and bride or groom and groom cake topper to take off, but the timeless element of classic wedding cake toppers defies gender. Same-sex and heterosex cake toppers share the vintage charm of classic wedding cake toppers. Of course, just because something is a classic doesn’t mean you can’t use it in a new way. If you’re opting for a cupcake dessert table or a candy bar in lieu of cake, you can still utilize the beauty of classic wedding cake toppers by adorning escort card tables or even your sweetheart table with their presence. Your guests will love the traditional element of classic wedding cake toppers with or without the addition of the classic tiered pastry.
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The Versatility of Seashell Wedding Decorations

The Benefits of the Right Seashell Wedding Decorations

Seashell Wedding Decorations

If you’re planning a beach or beach-themed wedding, you’ve no doubt run across one of the obstacles in the wedding planning process – many of the available decorations can get a little cheesy. You know to stay away from coconut bras, grass skirts, and giant ceramic dolphins, but what cohesive decorations will tie your day together without looking like they were purchased at a party supply store? A good answer is seashells; specifically, seashell wedding decorations. Seashell wedding decorations range from cake toppers to ring bearer pillows, and the best part about them is their versatility. Even if you purchased a few seashell wedding decorations online, they will still go well with some actual found seashells and upcycled seashell wedding decorations from fifty years ago. There are very few ways to go wrong with seashell wedding decorations. Seashell wedding decorations are also wonderful because the “filler” pieces of your day are so easy to find. Fill loose space on tables and displays with seashells and artfully-applied sand. Many decorators love working with seashells and seashell wedding decorations because of their versatility and many avenues for creativity and variation. Find the right seashell wedding decorations, and guarantee a successful aesthetic for your beach wedding!
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More Than Puppies: Adorable Wedding Cake Toppers

Finding Adorable Wedding Cake Toppers

Adorable Wedding Cake Toppers

We all love wedding cake toppers with a little PDA. Far gone are the stiff toppers of yesteryear - these toppers are in love. Your wedding cake toppers should reflect who you are as a couple, so why wouldn't you want a set of adorable wedding cake toppers for your big day? Adorable wedding cake toppers come in traditional cute iterations, such as puppies and Precious Moments, but they're also so much more than that. A simple gesture of affection or coy holding of hands is reflected perfectly in the right adorable wedding cake toppers. They speak volumes about who you are as a couple! These toppers don't just sit on your cake top anymore; they interact with it! Find the right adorable cake toppers who are navigating the surface of your cake - like life - together. Their togetherness reflects your own. Adorable wedding cake toppers often feature a couple just moments from a kiss. They're never crass or gratuitous - just the way PDA should be. Feature your adorable wedding cake toppers at a shower or at the big day itself. You don't even need a cake if you'd like to use them as a set piece for an escort card table. The options with adorable wedding cake toppers are endless!
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Wedding Cake Accessories for the Modern Couple

The World of Wedding Cake Accessories

Wedding Cake Accessories

Wedding cake accessories aren't limited to just a bride and groom cake topper, like the wedding cake accessories of yesteryear. These confectionery compliments are becoming more and more stylish and advanced, and you can find almost anything you can dream of for the wedding cake of your dreams. Take cake picks, for example. More than just cake toppers, these wedding cake accessories are often single accompaniments that can be used independently or in conjunction with a primary cake topper. Cake picks are often shapes such as hearts or diamonds, and can be arranged either by you or your bakery to add a special something that makes any cake look polished and professional. Of course, there is still a place in the world of wedding cake accessories for the humble cake topper. In the world of wedding cake accessories, however, the cake topper has become much more advanced. If you like the bride + groom look, there is still a niche for you, but the rest of the couples who would likely eschew the traditional market have much more selection now than they did twenty years ago. There are wedding cake accessories that feature characters from popular cartoons, contemporary toppers, vintage toppers, toppers that feature combinations of flowers and crystals - the list goes on.   So don't feel limited during your hunt for the prefect wedding cake accessories; the selection is there. You just have to look for it!
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Mix and Match your Male Wedding Cake Toppers

Switching and Swapping Male Wedding Cake Toppers

Male Wedding Cake Toppers

  Whether you’re putting together a mix-and-match same-sex wedding cake topper or trying to find just the right male to your female cake topper, it can sometimes be frustrating trying to find male wedding cake toppers. Male wedding cake toppers used to come in one variety: tall white guy. Lucky for everyone, the wedding cake topper industry has expanded, and with it the variety of male wedding cake toppers. Male wedding cake toppers now come in many different ethnicities and with many different accessories and poses. No matter what you’re trying to build or compliment, there are male wedding cake toppers for you. If you’re trying to compile two gentlemen together to create a one-of-a-kind same-sex cake topper, you have a few options with your male wedding cake toppers. Some male wedding cake toppers were designed to go with complimentary females, but mixing and matching has become easier than ever. Find two men that fit your look and style, and arrange in whatever fashion you wish. Male wedding cake toppers, like their female or heterosexual counterparts, are versatile and work as toppers or accents to most wedding tables and décor.
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The Time and Place for Humorous Cake Toppers

Fitting Humorous Cake Toppers into your Wedding

Humorous Cake Toppers

Weddings are a time for expressions of love, but that doesn’t mean you have to be serious and stoic 100% of the time. Humorous cake toppers are a great way to show your fun and spontaneous side at your wedding reception. With options ranging from the family-friendly to the downright-bawdy, couples will have no trouble at all finding humorous cake toppers that fit their personalities. If you like the idea of humorous cake toppers, but you’re not sure if your great aunt would, it’s always an option to add one as a supplement to the main display at your wedding reception. Humorous cake toppers are great for bachelorette parties, showers, and even rehearsal dinners.

If you’re thinking about getting the lucky couple in your life the gift of humorous cake toppers, make sure you’re comfortable enough with them that their sensibilities won’t be offended by an off-color wedding accessory. If you aren’t sure, think about checking in with someone who knows the couple well (such as parents or the maid of honor) before gifting one or more humorous cake toppers.   Like any gag gift, time and place is just as important as content. Go crazy with humorous cake toppers gifts, but don’t have the bride open one at a ladies’ tea.

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Blinging with Style with a Crystal Monogram Cake Topper

Working with a Crystal Monogram Cake Topper

Crystal Monogram Cake Topper

  Combining the bling appeal of crystals with the chic and stylish makings of a monogram makes for one heck of an eye-catching cake topper. A crystal monogram cake topper is sure to crown your featured pastry with poise and style, catching the attention of every guest as soon as they enter your reception hall. If you’re looking to bling out your wedding day, a crystal monogram cake topper is the most versatile and beautiful option. Your monogram often becomes the “brand” for your wedding, adorning cocktail napkins and aisle runners throughout your entire wedding day. Continue that with a crystal monogram cake topper that acts as the crown jewel of them all! If you and your betrothed are hyphenating your married names, simply work an additional crystal monogram cake topper on to your wedding cake. Most wedding cake tops aren’t quite wide enough for more than one crystal monogram cake topper, especially if they’re sitting abreast, so get creative with your placement. Put your combined crystal monogram cake topper further down on your cake, or stagger them on the top to create a 3D super crystal monogram cake topper. Get creative to get your crystal monogram cake topper to work for you!
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