Attention Wenches and Sirs! Ren Faire Wedding Cake Toppers!

Keep it Authentic with Ren Faire Wedding Cake Toppers

Ren Faire Wedding Cake Toppers

This weekend marked the beginning of Faire season for many counties across the country, and dedicated Ren Faire patrons know that Faire doesn’t just end when the tents go down and the mead gets packed away. The Renaissance Faire is life for many dedicated goers, and nothing less than Ren Faire wedding cake toppers will satisfy them when the time comes to tie the knot. Poxy Boggards and Merry Wives of Windsor alike are likely to hold their actual wedding ceremony and reception at a local or high-profile Faire venue – why not top off the occasion with some genuine Ren Faire wedding cake toppers? Though vendors at Faire often carry goods as varied and diverse as genuine leather flagons and hand-blown crystal balls, Ren Faire wedding cake toppers are a rare sight, and patrons are not always likely to find what they really want. Start your search for Ren Faire wedding cake toppers early and often, and be sure to correspond with the seller before you commit. Are you getting genuine pewter and not painted aluminum? Now is a better time to find out than later!   Faire goers know that while some venues can be tough about what they’ll let you bring in to guest events, a Renaissance Faire wedding is incomplete without the Ren Faire wedding cake toppers. Owners of the property are unlikely to deny you that outside commodity, but you should ask first anyway!