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Budget your Save-the-Dates with Creativity!

Budget your Save-the-Dates with Creativity!

FREE Wood Scrap
$8.00 Wood Frame   If you’re interesting in making your own custom, stylish blackboard, start by finding a frame that was sized and abandoned at a craft store. Those frames, because they are odd sizes and most people aren’t interested in them, are pretty inexpensive, even if they’re high-quality. Plywood or other wood scraps are easy to cut to size, and it’s much easier to cut wood to the shape you want than to find a frame to fit something you already have.   $8.00 Chalkboard Paint
$3.00 Chalkboard Chalk   Any art supply store carries these products, and they could be found for less money online, plus shipping. Shop around if you can, as we don’t usually need products like these more than once. This couple bought two cans of blackboard paint, but only needed the one for the job. Keep the receipt!

$60.00 Print Free, Discount Print Shop   By working with a discount printer and coming with completed images, this couple was able to save on design fees. For more complex or custom backs and images, consider working with a graphic designer for something different and unique.   Total: $78.00 Plus courtesy photography and calligraphy from family friends!

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