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Budget your Save-the-Dates with Creativity!

FREE Wood Scrap
$8.00 Wood Frame   If you’re interesting in making your own custom, stylish blackboard, start by finding a frame that was sized and abandoned at a craft store. Those frames, because they are odd sizes and most people aren’t interested in them, are pretty inexpensive, even if they’re high-quality. Plywood or other wood scraps are easy to cut to size, and it’s much easier to cut wood to the shape you want than to find a frame to fit something you already have.   $8.00 Chalkboard Paint
$3.00 Chalkboard Chalk   Any art supply store carries these products, and they could be found for less money online, plus shipping. Shop around if you can, as we don’t usually need products like these more than once. This couple bought two cans of blackboard paint, but only needed the one for the job. Keep the receipt!

$60.00 Print Free, Discount Print Shop   By working with a discount printer and coming with completed images, this couple was able to save on design fees. For more complex or custom backs and images, consider working with a graphic designer for something different and unique.   Total: $78.00 Plus courtesy photography and calligraphy from family friends!

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Save-the-Date Tips for the Skeptical Bride

Many brides wonder about the necessity of “save-the-dates” as they compile the charges that pile up during the wedding planning process, but they do have their purpose within the framework of your nuptials. Why should you bother - and how should you go about creating and distributing your preemptive wedding stationary? Read on for some quick tips for your save-the-dates: Guests from Out of Town:
Save-the-Dates are important for your out-of-town guests. A (timely) wedding invitation won’t make it to their front door in time for travel plans and timely accommodations (especially if your nuptials fall during a high-travel season) – they need to know well ahead of time that they should be planning to travel for your wedding. There is such a thing as “too early” for save-the-dates, however. Ten to six months ahead of time should be plenty warning for your far-away friends and relatives.   The Wedding Website:
Your save-the-date is a great place to debut the address of your wedding website. It doesn’t have to be perfectly finished yet, but allowing your guests to check out a few pertinent details can’t hurt, specifically locations of hotels with blocks of reserved rooms or registry information for pre-wedding parties. Save-the-Date Etiquette:
Save-the-dates come with their own set of etiquette rules, so don’t wield them without thought. Save-the-dates are not like wedding announcements – everyone who receives a save-the-date must then receive an invitation to your big day. The same goes for the opposite – make sure, if you plan to send out save-the-dates, that everyone invited to your wedding receives one. If not, the people who don’t get one will feel like they weren’t originally intended as guests.   Some Creative Save-the-Date Ideas:
Save-the-dates are fun because you can be so creative with them. Many brides opt for magnets, postcards, or even stop-motion YouTube videos to stand as their save-the-dates. Just make sure that if you are going to DIY your save-the-dates, try to keep it simple. 200 balloon printed save-the-dates sound wonderful until you’re staying up until 3am with a hot glue gun and your last nerve. Have fun!
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