More Than Puppies: Adorable Wedding Cake Toppers

Finding Adorable Wedding Cake Toppers

Adorable Wedding Cake Toppers

We all love wedding cake toppers with a little PDA. Far gone are the stiff toppers of yesteryear - these toppers are in love. Your wedding cake toppers should reflect who you are as a couple, so why wouldn't you want a set of adorable wedding cake toppers for your big day? Adorable wedding cake toppers come in traditional cute iterations, such as puppies and Precious Moments, but they're also so much more than that. A simple gesture of affection or coy holding of hands is reflected perfectly in the right adorable wedding cake toppers. They speak volumes about who you are as a couple! These toppers don't just sit on your cake top anymore; they interact with it! Find the right adorable cake toppers who are navigating the surface of your cake - like life - together. Their togetherness reflects your own. Adorable wedding cake toppers often feature a couple just moments from a kiss. They're never crass or gratuitous - just the way PDA should be. Feature your adorable wedding cake toppers at a shower or at the big day itself. You don't even need a cake if you'd like to use them as a set piece for an escort card table. The options with adorable wedding cake toppers are endless!