Modernizing Classic Wedding Cake Toppers

Making Classic Wedding Cake Toppers New Again

Classic Wedding Cake Toppers

  More and more couples are reaching for classic wedding cake toppers as they design the perfect reception for their big day. Though contemporary and interpretive cake toppers are still setting the scene for today’s weddings, sometimes you just can’t beat the classic wedding cake toppers. Classic wedding cake toppers often feature a traditional bride and groom, or some other vintage figurine, in a pose that evokes images of traditional and vintage weddings. These classic wedding cake toppers have never gone out of style, and for good reason – nothing crowns a cake quite like a bride and groom. Recent social advancements have allowed for the bride and bride or groom and groom cake topper to take off, but the timeless element of classic wedding cake toppers defies gender. Same-sex and heterosex cake toppers share the vintage charm of classic wedding cake toppers. Of course, just because something is a classic doesn’t mean you can’t use it in a new way. If you’re opting for a cupcake dessert table or a candy bar in lieu of cake, you can still utilize the beauty of classic wedding cake toppers by adorning escort card tables or even your sweetheart table with their presence. Your guests will love the traditional element of classic wedding cake toppers with or without the addition of the classic tiered pastry.