The Time and Place for Humorous Cake Toppers

Fitting Humorous Cake Toppers into your Wedding

Humorous Cake Toppers

Weddings are a time for expressions of love, but that doesn’t mean you have to be serious and stoic 100% of the time. Humorous cake toppers are a great way to show your fun and spontaneous side at your wedding reception. With options ranging from the family-friendly to the downright-bawdy, couples will have no trouble at all finding humorous cake toppers that fit their personalities. If you like the idea of humorous cake toppers, but you’re not sure if your great aunt would, it’s always an option to add one as a supplement to the main display at your wedding reception. Humorous cake toppers are great for bachelorette parties, showers, and even rehearsal dinners.

If you’re thinking about getting the lucky couple in your life the gift of humorous cake toppers, make sure you’re comfortable enough with them that their sensibilities won’t be offended by an off-color wedding accessory. If you aren’t sure, think about checking in with someone who knows the couple well (such as parents or the maid of honor) before gifting one or more humorous cake toppers.   Like any gag gift, time and place is just as important as content. Go crazy with humorous cake toppers gifts, but don’t have the bride open one at a ladies’ tea.