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Striking and Significant: Colorful Unity Sand

Mark the Day with Colorful Unity Sand

Colorful Unity Sand

Many couples are now opting to replace the traditional unity ceremonies of wedding's past (such as the drinking of wine or joining of roses) for a more visually striking and long-lasting unity ceremony alternative: unity sand. Colorful unity sand (as a replacement for more muted tones) allows for guests (and future visitors to your home) to see the striking and stark joining of two individuals in the symbolically-significant medium of unity sand. Use colorful unity sand for an obvious and beautiful symbol of your everlasting union. The joining of two (or more, if you want to symbolize the union of a larger family) distinct colors of sand symbolizes individuals that can never be separated; those who are joined in the bonds of marriage and family. Colorful unity sand is perfect for couples or families looking to mark their union with a long-lasting centerpiece to their home.   The best part about colorful unity sand is its versatility. You can match your colorful unity sand to the colors of your wedding day for an added touch of elegance, or you can synch your colorful unity sand with the palate of your home. Colorful unity sand can be combined, mixed, and stored in a visually-striking and symbolically-significant way throughout the days of your union. Just like your relationship, colorful unity sand is built to last!
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A Unity Ceremony Canvas Combines Art and Commitment

Unique Ceremony Idea: Unity Ceremony Canvas

Unity Ceremony Canvas

Finding a unique and personal unity ceremony for your wedding can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for something to display forever in your home. If sand isn’t your thing, and you aren’t so in to unity candles, consider sharing a unity ceremony canvas on your special day. A unity ceremony canvas, like any other token or icon during your unity ceremony (such as the joining of roses or vial of sand), represents your everlasting commitment to your spouse. Instead of representing that commitment symbolically, a unity ceremony canvas allows your to physically write down what you value and/or promise in your marriage on a piece of art that you can display in your home. With any paint pen (and some practice penmanship), a unity ceremony canvas becomes a constant reminder of your commitment in your home. A unity ceremony canvas can match or compliment the décor of your wedding, or you can select it specifically to match the décor of your home (you can even add items to your registry to compliment it once it goes up in your living room!). Unity ceremony canvas is more than a promise – it’s a piece of art.
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Add Flair to Your Unity Ceremony

We all want to make our weddings unique representations of us and our future hubbies, but we also know that it doesn’t always work out that way. Relatives get involved and take over guest lists; tradition or religion sometimes dictates what dress you where, where you’ll get married and who will officiate; and hyper-involved friends and relatives always find a way to alter your creative vision. However, If you find yourself in a position to arrange the happenings of your unity ceremony, it can be a great venue for personalization. The unity ceremony is *usually* a symbolic joining of two separate lives into one. Everyone has seen the mingling of colored sand, the lighting of one candle, the drinking of wine, and even the joining of roses, but what about the mixing of the ceremonial Rum and Coke? The unity volcano? If you aren’t afraid to be the one daring bride who refuses to conform, listen up - these unity ceremonies are sure to showcase who you and your new spouse are as a couple: awesome. 1. The Unity Cocktail
The “Unity Cocktail” is growing in popularity, and can be personalized in many fun ways. Just like the pouring of the unity wine, the unity cocktail features the couple adding their glasses (or shots) into a larger glass for them both to drink from- it just does it with a little zazz. Consider Joining two shots of tequila into a margarita, or pulling your first beer as husband and wife. Add some class with a champagne/chambord mix, or even coordinate your signature cocktail as the one you and your spouse feature in your ceremony. 2. Guest Unity Ceremonies
Though usually the unity ceremony features just the two people getting married, it’s also fun to include those you invited to your wedding. After all, a marriage isn’t just the joining of two people, it’s the joining of two entire worlds. Symbolize that large union by including the people you cared enough for to invite. Many couples have had their wedding rings passed around the room as they recited their vows, allowing the guests to take part in the moment. Another new trend is to pass out ornaments/slips of paper/rocks to guests and have them write words of encouragement to the couple before the ceremony begins. During the vows, the things are collected and deposited into a vessel (a vase/keepsake box/etc) that will be kept in the couple’s home. The point is for the guests’ thoughts to be encouragement through tough times in the marriage; a reminder to always remember how much they love each other and how much the people they surround themselves with love them. 3. The Super-Personalized Unity Ceremony
There are few limits to what you can do with your unity ceremony; it is possibly the only time during your wedding day where you have complete control over what happens and when (unless you are marrying at a restrictive venue, such as a church), so take advantage of that. Are you and your husband both science nuts? Cue the science fair volcano of love. Model the unity ceremony after the first time you met, where he proposed, or even a meaningful inside joke. The point of the ceremony is for it to be symbolic of your union. If convention and tradition are your thing, pour as much sand as you like, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the unity candle.
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The Wedding Sand Ceremony Vase

Add to your ceremony with a Wedding Sand Ceremony Vase

Wedding Sand Ceremony Vase

The sand ceremony is a popular way to signify the unity between you and your spouse during your wedding. The bride and groom pour colored sand into a wedding sand ceremony vase, and the colors mix together, symbolizing the joining of your lives. Couples with families that are joining together enjoy the sand ceremony because it is all-inclusive: ever member of the new family pours sand into the wedding sand ceremony vase, signifying that the wedding is a joining of all family members. The wedding sand ceremony vase should be solid, with a base that won’t tip easily. The sand within the wedding sand ceremony vase can be regular beach sand, but colored sand stands out more, and the colors can coordinate with the colors of your wedding. The point of colored sand in your wedding sand ceremony vase is for it to swirl – making the symbolism more obvious. A wedding sand ceremony vase can be a great addition to a ceremony of any denomination – most venues are less worried about spilled sand than toppled candles.
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Symbols of Love: Wedding Unity Candles

Join together with Wedding Unity candles

Wedding Unity Candles

  There are many traditions that symbolize the joining of two souls in the wedding ceremony. Some couples choose to bind their hands together with cloth, others combine colorful sand - but by far the most popular symbols of everlasting love are wedding unity candles.   Wedding unity candles allow the couple to light a single candle together, symbolizing the joining of their lives. Some churches and venues supply wedding unity candles, but they are usually plain, not personalized, and cannot be kept by the new couple. Wedding unity candles purchased elsewhere, however, can make a wonderful addition to your home and will symbolize the commitment you made to your spouse.   Wedding unity candles allow your guests to witness a literal joining of the couple, as they light their way to a bright future. Personalized wedding unity candles can be adorned with the names of the couple, a prayer for their marriage, and even the date and time of the ceremony.   Wedding unity candles are also great for the couple who are joining two families into one on their wedding day. All members of the new unit (children, stepchildren, grandchildren) can come together for the lighting of the wedding unity candle, expanding the symbolism to include a brand new family.
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Unity ceremony

The Unity Candle Ceremony is considered to be a symbolic part of the wedding ceremony. The lighting of the candles signifies the union of husband, wife and both their families. The unity candle set comprises of two taper candles and a large candle that are placed in a candelabra. The largest of the three candles is called the unity candle. The couple takes one taper candle each and lights the large unity candle together symbolizing the unity of their new lives together. Before the ceremony begins, you need to ensure that your candles light. You might also want to keep the taper candles burning before the ceremony. You can also have both set of parents take part in the ceremony to symbolize the union of both the families. If you have children, they can also participate in the lighting of candles. It is a good idea to have your favorite love song play during the ceremony. After all it is your wedding. You can customize the ceremony as you want it. Just seek the approval of the pastor.
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Wedding Unity Candles and Candle Holders

One occasion, which unites two individuals and their families together is the Wedding Ceremony. The memories of this ceremony are cherished for life time. To make it perfect one has to meticulously plan everything, even the smallest detail. The ritual of lighting the wedding unity candle symbolizes coming together of two families. The bride and groom light the flame to make it one. 
One must plan and choose wedding unity candles and candle holders to compliment your ceremony in advance. These are readily available and can also be made to order. You can personalize wedding candles and holders by putting your name, date of wedding and other details. The range of design and style is unlimited. Special attention is paid in the selection of fabrics, quality of ribbons, flowers and other accessories. These wedding unity candles and holders can be used and reused again and again to celebrate many more anniversaries and occasions to come.
You will be tempted to choose to buy beautifully crafted candles like Scalloped white bridal lace covered in beautiful roses, Delicate lace adorned with pearls & topped with pearl trim, Pearl edged white lace with satin & pearl flowers with ribbon accents, White satin embossed ribbon bands, with organza & pearl flowers, Organza white & silver striped ribbon with silver flowers & silver wedding bands and Checkered satin bands with a knot of pearled flowers and many more.
Light the best candle of your choice and make your wedding beautiful.
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Wedding unity candles and candle holders

Wedding is the ceremony, which unites two families and two individuals together for whole of their lives. To get wedding preparations in order, it requires loads of time and effort. Too many decisions to take, so many plans to make and all small details to make the wedding a perfect wedding. This includes choosing wedding unity candles and candle holders, which will add extra sheen to your wedding party. As the unity candle ritual symbolizes the blending of two families. The groom and the bride light the candles and get the two flames as one. At a wedding event, you can find a wide range of wedding unity candles and candle holders, floating candles, wedding candles, and unity candles sets. These candles can be readymade and also can be made on special orders. According to your wedding style and theme you can get wedding unity candles and candle holders to compliment yo0ur wedding. Various options to personalize the wedding candles with dates and names, rhinestones and other plethora of styles and designs are available. Each single wedding unity candle and candle holders are designed with close eye on detail, fabrics, flower, quality ribbons and accessories. The ceremony of these wedding unity candles and candle holders can be experienced many times again and again by using them to celebrate your special day and many anniversaries to come.
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