Unity ceremony

The Unity Candle Ceremony is considered to be a symbolic part of the wedding ceremony. The lighting of the candles signifies the union of husband, wife and both their families. The unity candle set comprises of two taper candles and a large candle that are placed in a candelabra. The largest of the three candles is called the unity candle. The couple takes one taper candle each and lights the large unity candle together symbolizing the unity of their new lives together. Before the ceremony begins, you need to ensure that your candles light. You might also want to keep the taper candles burning before the ceremony. You can also have both set of parents take part in the ceremony to symbolize the union of both the families. If you have children, they can also participate in the lighting of candles. It is a good idea to have your favorite love song play during the ceremony. After all it is your wedding. You can customize the ceremony as you want it. Just seek the approval of the pastor.