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So Many Choices! - Silhouette of Love Cake Topper Figurine (White) Review

I received my cake top and Unity candle holder. They were just gorgeous! The quality was both excellent and the packaging was great. No broken parts. It all helps make our wedding accessories special and exquisite! I will recommend your product to others.You have so many choices tool My sister told me about your web site, I'm so glad she did. Thank You!! :-}


Linda – Victorville, California

via email Silhouette of Love Cake Topper Figurine (White)   Language of Love Unity Candle Set  

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Finding and Ordering your Wedding Ceremony Candle

Begin your Wedding Ceremony Candle Search Early

Wedding Ceremony Candle

Traditionally called a “unity candle,” a wedding ceremony candle is an important and elegant part of any wedding. You and your significant other will have no trouble at all finding the wedding ceremony candle of your dreams, but you do have to start looking early. If you want a custom or particularly specialized wedding ceremony candle, you will be able to find it, but it may take special ordering on the part of the provider. Even though a wedding ceremony candle doesn’t seem like a particularly important item to order early, you’ll want to plan ahead for anything specialized. Many couples also don’t realize that a wedding ceremony candle will not be available for certain types of shipping during the warmer months, as melting can be a definite problem! Though you may want to begin your wedding ceremony candle search in physical stores, you will almost always find more specific and specialized items online. As with any of your specialized wedding accessories, the right wedding ceremony candle isn’t a last-minute decision. It will be featured in many a wedding picture, so you want to be sure everything is just right!
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The Elegance of a Simple Unity Candle

Combining Grace and Utility: A Simple Unity Candle

Simple Unity Candle

  In a vast online marketplace filled with specialized wedding goods, it can be difficult sometimes to weed through the void to find something simple. A simple unity candle foregoes frills in favor of simple, elegant style. A simple unity candle may have an embellished stand or frame, but the candle itself is a white or cream pillar with two smaller counterparts; simple, straightforward, and not a distraction come wedding day. Brides who favor traditional and/or church weddings will find this simple unity candle to suit their fancies, but that doesn’t mean that a simple unity candle is reserved for grand halls and fancy affairs. Garden weddings may also find a simple unity candle to fit the feel and décor of the day. Really, any couple who wants the focus of the day away from the implements of the ceremony will find that a simple unity candle is the perfect centerpiece. This accessory suits all décor, all styles and creeds, and will never go out of style if you choose to keep the simple unity candle as a staple on your mantle. These candles mix perfectly with existing décor, and add a touch of class to any household after the vows are said and the cake cut. A simple unity candle works for everyone!
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Finding the Right Catholic Unity Candle

The Modernization of the Catholic Unity Candle

Catholic Unity Candle

One of the most moving moments of a Catholic wedding ceremony is the lighting of the unity candle. Whether the couple lights it solely themselves as a symbol of their unity, or if their mothers contribute to the moment as well, the heart of the unity tradition that is the Catholic unity candle lives on in both classic and modern interpretations of the tradition. What does a Catholic unity candle need to include to truly be called a Catholic unity candle? The truth is, any candle used to perform the ceremony during the service is a Catholic unity candle. Some couples choose to find a candle that is inscribed with their favorite biblical verse or the sign of the cross, but any candle that symbolically unites you during mass is a Catholic unity candle. Some families are now choosing the family Catholic unity candle option, where the children of the couple can join in the symbolic unity of the entire family. Ask your officiant for his or her opinion regarding the use of a Catholic unity candle during your ceremony. The flexibility of the tradition is one of the reasons it still remains so popular!
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Don’t Overdo a Simple Wedding Unity Candle

A Simple Wedding Unity Candle: Far From Bland

Simple Wedding Unity Candle

  Your unity candle should hold a special place in your heart and in your household – it is the physical and symbolic representation of your union and your new married life: two lives joining together into one. You don’t want it do be just any candle that you could pick up at a drugstore on your way to the ceremony, but it’s probably just as likely that you don’t want something that is so covered in monograms and glitter that it outshines the rest of your ceremony. Your best bet is a simple wedding unity candle. A simple wedding unity candle doesn’t show off with too many things that jingle and sparkle, but it will emphasize one or two special decorations that denote it as YOUR simple wedding unity candle. One charm will do for the perfect simple wedding unity candle. And don’t think that weddings utilizing a particular theme are out of luck in the hunt for a simple wedding unity candle. You can find a beautiful simple wedding unity candle for every kind of wedding – from goth to country – without getting too flamboyant in the unity ceremony department. Find a simple band or singular charm to accent your simple wedding unity candle and you’ll be good to go.
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Symbols of Love: Wedding Unity Candles

Join together with Wedding Unity candles

Wedding Unity Candles

  There are many traditions that symbolize the joining of two souls in the wedding ceremony. Some couples choose to bind their hands together with cloth, others combine colorful sand - but by far the most popular symbols of everlasting love are wedding unity candles.   Wedding unity candles allow the couple to light a single candle together, symbolizing the joining of their lives. Some churches and venues supply wedding unity candles, but they are usually plain, not personalized, and cannot be kept by the new couple. Wedding unity candles purchased elsewhere, however, can make a wonderful addition to your home and will symbolize the commitment you made to your spouse.   Wedding unity candles allow your guests to witness a literal joining of the couple, as they light their way to a bright future. Personalized wedding unity candles can be adorned with the names of the couple, a prayer for their marriage, and even the date and time of the ceremony.   Wedding unity candles are also great for the couple who are joining two families into one on their wedding day. All members of the new unit (children, stepchildren, grandchildren) can come together for the lighting of the wedding unity candle, expanding the symbolism to include a brand new family.
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How can you translate the unity candle design into a personalized family crest?

While preparing for your wedding, undoubtedly one of the most special days in your life, you need to be precise in your preparations. You will be required to pay minute attention to every little detail and each accessory that will play its role in enhancing the overall décor as well as adding to the joy and spirit of the special occasion. Wedding unity candles and candle holders is one such accessory that you must select with care.  We acquaint you with some exquisite pieces so that you get a fair idea of what’s on offer. Why not get a truly fabulous Family Circle Monogram unity candle that is personalized for you? Its deft flexible circle design prominently features a monogram crest. It leaves scope for personalizing both bottom and top circle portions with a special message, names, or wedding date. You may, if you want, include more family member's names to make this design a truly personalized family crest. Expert designers use their discretion to fit the text into the space available. On you part, you will be required to provide the text or names to be featured on each item beforehand. Importantly, the North American tradition entails that the name of bride is always followed by that of the groom's. There are such small, albeit vital aspects to be kept in mind, while translating the ubiquitous unity candle design into a personalized family crest.
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Unity ceremony

The Unity Candle Ceremony is considered to be a symbolic part of the wedding ceremony. The lighting of the candles signifies the union of husband, wife and both their families. The unity candle set comprises of two taper candles and a large candle that are placed in a candelabra. The largest of the three candles is called the unity candle. The couple takes one taper candle each and lights the large unity candle together symbolizing the unity of their new lives together. Before the ceremony begins, you need to ensure that your candles light. You might also want to keep the taper candles burning before the ceremony. You can also have both set of parents take part in the ceremony to symbolize the union of both the families. If you have children, they can also participate in the lighting of candles. It is a good idea to have your favorite love song play during the ceremony. After all it is your wedding. You can customize the ceremony as you want it. Just seek the approval of the pastor.
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Wedding cake servers, unity candles and candle holders for an idealistic feel to your occasion

Wedding is the occasion of a lifetime and people often don’t mind to go an extra mile to make it a memorable one. Trivial of things are eyed for detail so as to make it special. Apart from the photographs, it is these efforts that gets captured and stored in our memories forever. The cake cutting ceremony at the wedding reception is the celebration of the life that will be shared by the couple together in the years to come. During the ceremony, generally the groom places his hand over the bride’s to show their unison and cut its first slice. Though the ceremony will be cherished by both, no matter what, but to add a dazzle to it, cake servers play a perfect role. Silk flowers or ribbons can also be added to these servers to adorn them even more. Besides, to create a romantic ambience, there is nothing better than beautiful candles that can be thought of. There are different designer wedding unity candles, specially made for the occasion of wedding that portrays the unity of the bride and the groom. Presented with gorgeous candle holders, they lighten up the whole occasion and give an idealistic feel to it.
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Wedding Unity Candles and Candle Holders

One occasion, which unites two individuals and their families together is the Wedding Ceremony. The memories of this ceremony are cherished for life time. To make it perfect one has to meticulously plan everything, even the smallest detail. The ritual of lighting the wedding unity candle symbolizes coming together of two families. The bride and groom light the flame to make it one. 
One must plan and choose wedding unity candles and candle holders to compliment your ceremony in advance. These are readily available and can also be made to order. You can personalize wedding candles and holders by putting your name, date of wedding and other details. The range of design and style is unlimited. Special attention is paid in the selection of fabrics, quality of ribbons, flowers and other accessories. These wedding unity candles and holders can be used and reused again and again to celebrate many more anniversaries and occasions to come.
You will be tempted to choose to buy beautifully crafted candles like Scalloped white bridal lace covered in beautiful roses, Delicate lace adorned with pearls & topped with pearl trim, Pearl edged white lace with satin & pearl flowers with ribbon accents, White satin embossed ribbon bands, with organza & pearl flowers, Organza white & silver striped ribbon with silver flowers & silver wedding bands and Checkered satin bands with a knot of pearled flowers and many more.
Light the best candle of your choice and make your wedding beautiful.
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Wedding unity candles and candle holders

Wedding is the ceremony, which unites two families and two individuals together for whole of their lives. To get wedding preparations in order, it requires loads of time and effort. Too many decisions to take, so many plans to make and all small details to make the wedding a perfect wedding. This includes choosing wedding unity candles and candle holders, which will add extra sheen to your wedding party. As the unity candle ritual symbolizes the blending of two families. The groom and the bride light the candles and get the two flames as one. At a wedding event, you can find a wide range of wedding unity candles and candle holders, floating candles, wedding candles, and unity candles sets. These candles can be readymade and also can be made on special orders. According to your wedding style and theme you can get wedding unity candles and candle holders to compliment yo0ur wedding. Various options to personalize the wedding candles with dates and names, rhinestones and other plethora of styles and designs are available. Each single wedding unity candle and candle holders are designed with close eye on detail, fabrics, flower, quality ribbons and accessories. The ceremony of these wedding unity candles and candle holders can be experienced many times again and again by using them to celebrate your special day and many anniversaries to come.
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