Finding the Right Catholic Unity Candle

The Modernization of the Catholic Unity Candle

Catholic Unity Candle

One of the most moving moments of a Catholic wedding ceremony is the lighting of the unity candle. Whether the couple lights it solely themselves as a symbol of their unity, or if their mothers contribute to the moment as well, the heart of the unity tradition that is the Catholic unity candle lives on in both classic and modern interpretations of the tradition. What does a Catholic unity candle need to include to truly be called a Catholic unity candle? The truth is, any candle used to perform the ceremony during the service is a Catholic unity candle. Some couples choose to find a candle that is inscribed with their favorite biblical verse or the sign of the cross, but any candle that symbolically unites you during mass is a Catholic unity candle. Some families are now choosing the family Catholic unity candle option, where the children of the couple can join in the symbolic unity of the entire family. Ask your officiant for his or her opinion regarding the use of a Catholic unity candle during your ceremony. The flexibility of the tradition is one of the reasons it still remains so popular!