What is the meaning of the Unity Candle ceremony in weddings?

What is the meaning of the Unity Candle ceremony in weddings?

The Unity Candle ceremony, as the name suggests, symbolizes the union and the fusion of two people in the beautiful state of marriage. This tradition is becoming popular in modern contemporary weddings. In essence, the lighting of the candle represents the union of two souls.

If you wish to make your nuptial day extra special, consider including this lovely wedding tradition. The unity candle sets are available in many different themes and designs so you can choose the one that matches with your wedding aesthetics perfectly. The ceremony is usually carried out by the couple when they light the taper candle. Both the bride and the groom light the central candle with their individual ones. The sparking flame represents the joining of these two lovebirds in marriage. It also symbolizes the beginning of a beautiful new family. However, you can also choose to include your nearest and dearest ones in this beautiful wedding tradition if you wish to do so.

The unity candle ceremony is gaining immense popularity these days and is typically performed after exchanging the vows. The flame is the physical embodiment of love, care, and admiration. The best part? You can personalize it according to your aesthetic preferences. Want to make the ceremony more unique and special? Consider including a unity candle poem. Your guests will love these very special ideas!

If you are planning for an outdoor wedding, it is recommended that you cover the candle with a beautiful holder or jar so that the flame will not be extinguished too quickly. Here is a piece of advice; while planning for a unity candle ceremony outdoors, make sure to discuss it prior with your nuptial venue coordinator. Why? Because some wedding venues don’t allow the lightning of flames so it's better to check beforehand to be on the safe side.

For traditional intimate indoor weddings, the newly married couple stands in the front row and lights the unity candle. You can choose any color, style, or shade of candle set that matches your overall design. It's completely up to you!