Symbols of Love: Wedding Unity Candles

Join together with Wedding Unity candles

Wedding Unity Candles

  There are many traditions that symbolize the joining of two souls in the wedding ceremony. Some couples choose to bind their hands together with cloth, others combine colorful sand - but by far the most popular symbols of everlasting love are wedding unity candles.   Wedding unity candles allow the couple to light a single candle together, symbolizing the joining of their lives. Some churches and venues supply wedding unity candles, but they are usually plain, not personalized, and cannot be kept by the new couple. Wedding unity candles purchased elsewhere, however, can make a wonderful addition to your home and will symbolize the commitment you made to your spouse.   Wedding unity candles allow your guests to witness a literal joining of the couple, as they light their way to a bright future. Personalized wedding unity candles can be adorned with the names of the couple, a prayer for their marriage, and even the date and time of the ceremony.   Wedding unity candles are also great for the couple who are joining two families into one on their wedding day. All members of the new unit (children, stepchildren, grandchildren) can come together for the lighting of the wedding unity candle, expanding the symbolism to include a brand new family.