The Wedding Sand Ceremony Vase

Add to your ceremony with a Wedding Sand Ceremony Vase

Wedding Sand Ceremony Vase

The sand ceremony is a popular way to signify the unity between you and your spouse during your wedding. The bride and groom pour colored sand into a wedding sand ceremony vase, and the colors mix together, symbolizing the joining of your lives. Couples with families that are joining together enjoy the sand ceremony because it is all-inclusive: ever member of the new family pours sand into the wedding sand ceremony vase, signifying that the wedding is a joining of all family members. The wedding sand ceremony vase should be solid, with a base that won’t tip easily. The sand within the wedding sand ceremony vase can be regular beach sand, but colored sand stands out more, and the colors can coordinate with the colors of your wedding. The point of colored sand in your wedding sand ceremony vase is for it to swirl – making the symbolism more obvious. A wedding sand ceremony vase can be a great addition to a ceremony of any denomination – most venues are less worried about spilled sand than toppled candles.