A Few Notes on Flower Girl Baskets

Flower Girl Baskets

Decorate your Day with Flower Girl Baskets

The position of flower girl is one that young girls covet and treasure. When you appoint a flower girl, she will likely take her position very seriously (if she’s old enough to understand what her position entails), and every detail will add to her experience and increase the “awe” factor when she walks down the aisle. If she’s very young, her accessories should be easy to carry and not too cumbersome (but still stylish and fitting). Flower girl baskets can add unity and a touch of stylish class to your ceremony without being too much of a burden to your flower girl. Unique flower girl baskets are especially wonderful at a ceremony space that doesn’t warrant much decoration, like a beach or garden. Flower girl baskets can also add a nice touch (that fits your theme or color palette) in a church that doesn’t allow too much outside decoration. Instead of filling your flower girl baskets with flower petals, consider something appropriate for the season or theme of your wedding, like fall leaves in the autumn or snowflake confetti in the winter. Avoid glitter in your flower girl baskets at all costs – unless you want it in everything within your flower girl’s reach.