Keep Up with Modern Cake Toppers

Modern Cake Toppers

Modern Cake Toppers are a Great Way to Try Something New

Itching for something modern to adorn your cake on your wedding day? The contemporary bride might find herself in a bit of a pickle sifting through websites with thousands of options for toppers. How should she know what’s new and interesting for such a (seemingly) minor part of her day? What are modern cake toppers? Why is it so important that you have one at all? As for why you should include modern cake toppers in your day at all, think of this: The simplest and most subtle touches on your wedding day will reflect the overall feel of your celebration. Modern cake toppers can make your wedding more cohesive (and stylish), and they will reflect the amount of effort you put in to planning. Now, as for what constitutes modern cake toppers: modern cake toppers have taken quite a departure from the toppers of yesteryear. Two styles that are hot now are stylized cake toppers and monogram cake toppers.   Modern cake toppers that are stylized are more art than simple figurine; normally featuring monochromatic themes, stylized toppers utilize curves and circles, often representing the human form in a new way. These modern cake toppers are sure to wow guests.   Monograms are another trend in modern cake toppers. Your monogram becomes your brand and is an easy way to sprinkle a personal touch all over your wedding day. Modern cake toppers lend themselves perfectly to the monogram.