The wedding ring

If it is a wedding ring, the most obvious choice is a diamond one. Diamond is the hardest substance on earth and so it is a good token of eternal love. Diamond rings are available in a variety of colors and cuts. A single diamond can have as many as 57 facets. The whiter the color of the diamond, the more expensive it is. The price of the diamond also depends on the clarity of the stone. The most modern style uses platinum setting for the stone. Platinum is more expensive than even gold. This is so as platinum is hard to manufacture. It takes almost ten tons of ore to produce an ounce of platinum in comparison to three to four tons of ore needed to make an ounce of gold. Also there are very few platinum mines compared to gold ones. Thus, platinum setting diamond rings are so expensive. Before choosing a platinum diamond wedding ring, it is extremely important that you see the signage or engraving that says PLAT or PT950. This proves that the platinum is authentic and is almost 95 percent pure platinum. If these signage is there, you can be sure that the platinum is worth investing in.