Avoiding injuries before wedding

All of us would want to look beautiful on the day of the wedding. Many new brides enroll themselves in a gym before the D day to ensure that they knock off the extra kilos before special day and look as svelte as ever. But you must not rush into the situation so fast. Take it very slowly. You would surely not want to get injured before your special day. Know what your limitations are and stress yourself accordingly. If you already have a knee and back problem, then it is extremely important that you avoid harsh exercises. Women have a greater risk for ACL injuries. The ACL is a ligament that is responsible for holding the knee bone in place. A good option is to hire a personal trainer who will show you exercises that is customized to your body structure. Warming up before starting your regime is a must. This also helps in avoiding injuries. Make sure you listen to your body. If you do not feel comfortable doing a particular workout, then you must avoid doing it. There is no reason to feel guilty about it. You are doing a great favor to your body.