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Nerdy Wedding Details

Nerds, by definition, are lovers. Be it a mutual love of J.R.R. Tolkein, Star Wars Novelizations, linguistics, The Martian Chronicles, Legos, literature, or otherwise, nerdy love breeds some downright beautiful wedding details.
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Understanding wedding traditions

There are various wedding traditions that are still followed. For instance, the tradition of wearing a wedding ring is quite a popular and considered to be a sacred one. Many people believe that the circular shape of the wedding ring is a symbol of eternity. Just as love is never ending, the circle denotes that that marriages last till eternity. It is believed that the vein in the third finger of the left hand runs to the heart. Hence, people wear the wedding ring on that finger. Another tradition is wearing white gown for the wedding. This practice was started by Queen Victoria. White symbolizes joy and purity. The veil is said to be worn to protect the bride from evil spirits on her wedding day. It also depicts modesty. The flowers that the bride carries is said to serve the same purpose. They attract positive vibes. The runner is used in the aisle to symbolize a path. White runners are used to symbolize a clean path to the joy. These are just a few traditions that have been there from time immemorial. Nobody questions them.  Another key tradition is giving gifts. Your gift symbolizes how happy you are for them. It shows that you wish them a good life from your heart.
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The wedding ring

If it is a wedding ring, the most obvious choice is a diamond one. Diamond is the hardest substance on earth and so it is a good token of eternal love. Diamond rings are available in a variety of colors and cuts. A single diamond can have as many as 57 facets. The whiter the color of the diamond, the more expensive it is. The price of the diamond also depends on the clarity of the stone. The most modern style uses platinum setting for the stone. Platinum is more expensive than even gold. This is so as platinum is hard to manufacture. It takes almost ten tons of ore to produce an ounce of platinum in comparison to three to four tons of ore needed to make an ounce of gold. Also there are very few platinum mines compared to gold ones. Thus, platinum setting diamond rings are so expensive. Before choosing a platinum diamond wedding ring, it is extremely important that you see the signage or engraving that says PLAT or PT950. This proves that the platinum is authentic and is almost 95 percent pure platinum. If these signage is there, you can be sure that the platinum is worth investing in.
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Choosing the Wedding band

It is not too easy to choose your wedding band. You will be spoilt for choice. All couples want something unique as their wedding band. Bands are simpler in design than wedding rings but you can customize them as per your choice. The first decision that you need to make before buying the band is what metal should it be made of? You can choose yellow gold, white gold, platinum or titanium. Each will cost different. Gold is the most popular choice. It is a soft metal. So there are chances of scratches and marks that can cause the gold to look dull. But the color of the material will not change. Platinum and titanium are stronger and thus the marks will not be visible to easily. But they are far more costlier than gold. If you can afford it, then that is the best choice. If you do not have such a huge budget but still want the platinum look, then you must opt for white gold. White gold is cheap but there are chances of it turning yellow with time. You can even engrave your initials on the band if you want to make it unique.
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Wedding Ring Customization

You can customize your wedding ring depending on your likes and dislikes. You can customize it with various colored stones. Wedding rings are taken as a symbol of the love between bride and groom. It is a proof of their commitment and loyalty. You can also inscribe your spouses’ name on the ring. Some people go further ahead and get their wedding dates inscribed. It is believed that a diamond is forever. It is the hardest stone and is very versatile. Diamonds have been cherished for centuries. Before choosing a diamond ring, you need to take the 4 Cs into account - color, carat, clarity, cut. Diamond rings can be really expensive. So if you get any discount anywhere – offline or online – you st grab it. Many couples prefer designing their own wedding wing. The solitaire diamond is a favorite choice among couples. Other popular choices are marquise and mesonite settings. Mesonite is gradually becoming a modern alternative to traditional settings. Another trend is that diamond wholesalers are allowing more and more attractive deals to couples who are looking for value for money. So go ahead. Get the most unique ring for your special one
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