Choosing the Wedding band

It is not too easy to choose your wedding band. You will be spoilt for choice. All couples want something unique as their wedding band. Bands are simpler in design than wedding rings but you can customize them as per your choice. The first decision that you need to make before buying the band is what metal should it be made of? You can choose yellow gold, white gold, platinum or titanium. Each will cost different. Gold is the most popular choice. It is a soft metal. So there are chances of scratches and marks that can cause the gold to look dull. But the color of the material will not change. Platinum and titanium are stronger and thus the marks will not be visible to easily. But they are far more costlier than gold. If you can afford it, then that is the best choice. If you do not have such a huge budget but still want the platinum look, then you must opt for white gold. White gold is cheap but there are chances of it turning yellow with time. You can even engrave your initials on the band if you want to make it unique.